About Colours

Here are some useful sketches.
This colour wheel will show you primary, secondary and complementary colours and their relations.
All these colours can be divided into warm and cool tones.
I decided to post it because the wheel is helpful not only for design projects but also in ordinary life and make-up!
Thanks to it you can find the best chromatic combination (with colours that are situated at 120° each other) and with it you can also notice how colours that are near on the wheel will fade together.
In make-up, you can use this wheel to find the best concealer to camouflage your imperfections. The best concealer should be the same colour of your skin or, in case of particular imperfections, the colour that is opposed on the wheel to the colour of that skin trouble.
Don't forget the psycology effect of colours! Warm colours stimulate people and remind of happines, wellness, sun and its warm rays, instead, cool colours tend to relax people and remind of sea, sky and everything cold like the snow.

This is a basic colour atlas I've found in my Italian dictionary (Zingarelli).
I'm going to use it to describe a nail polish shade better.