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Who am I? What a philosophical question!
My name is Valentina Chirico, alias Valens or Valentowski, and I'm an Italian archaeologist with a BA degree in Greek History from the University of Naples "Federico II", MA student in Egyptology at the University of Birmingham.
I'm a beauty editor and magazine contributor for Alpi Fashion Magazine, former team staff/twitter angel at, and I  was born in the sunny country known as Italy. 
I'm passionate about Egyptology and I'm mad about makeup, indeed, this is an ancient practice, isn't it? 
I grew up with cosmetics because my mum was a representative, and I was as well! I've been working in the cosmetic industry since 2007 and I've done the big jump into the online publishing in 2009 with proud collaborations with both Italian media agencies and international beauty companies (Revlon, Nailene, Garnier, Maybelline, Marc Jacobs BeautyLush Cosmetics...)
But makeup isn't my one and only interest.
I can be described as a very curious girl and I love foreign languages and cultures, art and design. I like reading and writing, sometimes and when I'm in a good mood I draw, sketch or paint. 
I have an incomprehensible sense of humour and I could spend entire days watching old black & white films.
The net is made of people, expertise and passions: if you'd like to collaborate with me, you're welcome to add me to your LinkedIn circle.

Social media & Valentina, a growing influence...

ph. Gennaro Infante

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