The Project

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Hello and welcome to this little place in the big net! 
You’re visiting Valens… per voi, meaning "Valens for you", a beauty and fashion blog curated by Valentina Chirico, a neo archaeologist, online editor and magazine contributor
This blog was born at the end of 2009 as a blogging experiment: I was searching for the best blogging platform for my incursions into the beauty world
Fresco of a young woman, the so-called Sappho
(I century C.E., Pompeii - Insula VI 17)

The first goal of “Valens… per voi” was showing and writing honestly about beauty, skin care and hair care: focusing on combination/dry/sensitive skin, curly hair and anti ageing products.
With the time I’ve added more topics to this rich menĂ¹, such as fashion trends, news from the cosmetic industry, handmade creations, shopping experiences, tips and tricks.
My ideal public is young: girls and young women who want to take care of themselves and wish to feel and look better every day but can’t spend a lot
But everyone is welcome here!

I love English and, among the languages I've studied so far, it's my favourite, despite I like my native language: Italian. It's extremely beautiful and poetical, but it’s hard to understand and not so spoken around the world. So here's why "Valens speaks English".

I like experimenting and writing about new products, from natural to ordinary make-up, new launches and established items, from famous brands to not well-known and indie shops.
I love discovering and telling the stories behind small independent brands, one can find at handmade marketplaces like Etsy and A Little Market, just to name a few.
Indeed the independent fashion universe is very inspiring and I truly believe I can feel the love those craftsmen and designers put into their creations. 

These are the things I like and you will find here.
Take your time and relax... fancy a swatch or a virtual spray of eau de Parfum?

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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