Thursday, 15 August 2019

Eat Bio app: your food diary is 2.0, easy and free

Apps support us in many everyday tasks both big and small - like little, invisible personal assistants. Need a taxi? Shopping groceries a bulky chore? No problems, there's an app for that. Pretty much everything can be done on your mobile phone these days including looking after your diet and health. In fact, you can even track your eating habits, nutrient intake and watch your diet change over time with the new Eat Bio food diary app.

Eat Bio, Android app for healthy lifestyle

Eat Bio: the appEat Bio is a recently launched food diary app designed for people who are just too busy with life in general but still very aware of their health and want an easier way to stay on top of their diet without too much hassle.

How to get the most out of Eat Bio 
The app is very simple to use and the clean interface lets you keep track of your meals throughout the day by writing it all down on the app. You can then observe eating patterns and trends over time with chart reports, and if you're consulting a specialist about your diet, there's an option to download a printable copy of your food journal that you can then share with them. It's a super helpful tool because it's not complicated to use and in fact, actively tracking your meals regularly with a food diary makes you more aware of your eating habits and will motivate you to make real changes to your overall diet over time.

Where to get the app
The basic diary is free to download on Google Playstore (with an iOS version coming soon), and as you become more interested in your food intake, there are in-app upgrades to access additional features such as nutrient tracking, chart views and download reports as well.

I'm a big believer of maintaining balance in life and that includes my own diet as well. While I'm all for eating better and seasonally, and will always aim for a colourful ‘palette’ of fruit and vegetables; I think we should still be allowed to indulge in the occasional not-so-healthy foods, as long as it’s in moderation. I like that I can eat mindfully yet tastily with Eat Bio while ticking off my checklist at the same time:
have I eaten my 5-a day? Check!
Am I choosing different sources of protein? Check! 

This smart little tool is perfect because it helps me to stay on track without any cravings, and without judgement! Check it out on Google Playstore

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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