Thursday, 31 August 2017

It's coco beauty: refreshing and moisturising coconut-based products for bath and body (Perlier, Hawaiian Tropic and Douglas)

Nothing refreshes and delights as coconut water does! Not by chance, summer 2017 has seen a real shower of coconut-based bath and beauty products
Flying from the Caribbean to Tahiti, jumping back to the Hawaii, these are those “exotic” personal picks you could spot in the intimacy of my room...

Why this "coco beauty"? Coconut is the key ingredient in many summer products thanks to its moisturizing and anti-aging properties.
The high percentage of good saturated fats and Vitamin E contained in coconut sub products allows it to hydrate, soothe and fight aging; this is why coconut oils and butter are everywhere, giving shine to our hair and extra moist to our thirsty skin.
Tahitian people think coconut can even block sun rays! 

My go-to summer scent is a body spritz: Thai Coco - Coconut Water by Perlier (150ml). 

An “anti-stress” body spray with glycerine and 100% bio coconut extracts inspired by Thai massages.It has a sweet but fresh coconut scent that’s long-lasting but delicate.
It can be sprayed all over the body and hair, after sporting and even before going under the sun!
It claims to refresh, moisturize, tone and relax. What does it tone, our skin or spirit?
Mainly our souls but it really leaves the skin hydrated despite the alcohol which I dislike in this scent.

The scent puts instantly in an ecstatic, good mood. I recommend not to spray it directly onto the skin but to mist it generously within your room, then walk through this “scented cloud" so that the alcohol won’t be perceptible.
Recommended! (Less than 10€)

Hawaiian Tropics means delicious coconut and vanilla sunbaths to me, this is why I ended up with this “giant” Hawaiian Tropicexotic coconut after sun body butter” jar without further doubts.
It’s a rich and yellowing, quite oily, melting butter, a tropical bomb with plenty of butter, oils and exotic fruit extracts.
It contains mango, papaya and guava extracts; cocoa, shea and mango butter, coconut and avocado oils and aloe extract for a deep hydration and soothing effect. 

It’s recommended after sun exposure and all year around. Unfortunately, it isn’t fresh to the touch and to the nose, so that I apply it only after a cool shower at night.

This Hawaiian Tropic body butter has an extremely strange scent: far from being delicious, fruity or juicy, it’s plastic-ky and unrealistic and the coconut note comes only after a couple hours.
Actually, this product works as it makes my skin glowy and elastic, my tan long-lasting (no skin peeling off at the moment - what a record!)  but it’s totally unpleasant and I wouldn’t buy it again!
Sorry, Hawaiian Tropics: I consider your latest body product close to a miss and I want that mouth-watering perfume back again! (9€ ca)

After a torrid day, nothing beats a cool shower and tons of sweet bubbles.
Coco Vanilla is one of the four shower gels created in a limited edition exclusively by Douglas Perfumeries. Mine has a fresh coconut note made enticing by vanilla, a long-lasting scent that evolves into an aquatic perfume.
It contains coconut extract (acid), glycerine and aloe vera extract, its formula is dermatological tested and its ingredients are the secret for a shower gel that delicately cleanses while leaving the skin smooth for hours and hour.
When I wake up my body is still soft and pleasantly scented.
Recommended (6.95€)

Just in case you need some extra exoticisms, you’ve probably seen an intruder here: Viva la Diva Move Me Jungle eyeshadow kit has nothing to do with coconut but it’s a "postcard for a mental vacation overseas" with its floral packaging and bright colours.

Coconut oil and butter are our skin’s best friends and coconut scent is a perfect companion, a mood transforming magic trick! A drink I'd love to order over and over again... 24/7!
I go bananas for coconut and you?

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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