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Kérastase Aura Botanica Bain Micellaire and Soin Fondamentale, luxury and fair-trade haircare for dull hair (review)

Kérastase’s newest mission is making dull hair shine again with its technologically advanced haircare range called “Aura Botanica”. 

Today’s review is going to be double and rich to welcome two new products recently launched by Kérastase: the Bain Micellaire, an oily shampoo, and the Soin Fondamentale, a deeply moisturising treatment.

Kérastase launches Aura Botanica: luxury meets Nature. Fair-trade haircare for dull hair

Kérastase synthesises Aura Botanica with this slogan: "WHEN NATURE BECOMES A REFINED EXPERIENCE".
This high-impact sentence hits the point: the line consists of products rich in natural, ethically picked, raw ingredients. Each Aura Botanica has a precious scent and a very elegant packaging

Aura Botanica’s strengths are an average content of 98% of natural elements, a careful selection of producers, ethical production for its oils, as in the case of the hand-pressed argan oil and, last but not least, its silicones, parabens and sulphates free formula.

Kérastase Aura Botanica Bain Micellaire and Soin Fondamentale, luxury and fair-trade haircare for dull and dry hair
Kérastase Aura Botanica, luxury and fair-trade haircare for dull hair reviewed by Valentina Chirico
Hair by Kérastase - Make-up by Marc Jacobs Beauty (Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon in Mist Me? #55, Air Blush Soft Glow Duo in Line and Last Night #502), Avril Le Mascara bio, Viva La Diva Move Me Jungle palette (Tahiti), Touch in Sol One Second Vivid Lip Crayon in Tulip Pink #4

The Bain Micellaire and the Soin Fondamentale by Kérastase are the first two steps in Aura Botanica hair care routine.

The Bain Micellaire by Kérastase is a shampoo that promises to gently clean hair and scalp with a luxurious formula by leaving a weightless sensation (the “nude” after feel), while detangling and giving dull hair a natural glow.
The formula has been designed to control frizz for 72 hours and to moisturise the hair for 48 hours. Is all that glitters gold?

Kérastase Aura Botanica Bain Micellaire and Soin Fondamentale. The detail: packaging and label

THE PRODUCT: packaging

The Bain Micellaire is a shampoo that doesn’t sound nor look like traditional shampoos
and its name could give you some vague clues but... it’s an oil!
It’s contained in a 250ml, amber bottle with metallic cap. The cap has to be unscrewed, thus it isn’t practical in the shower. 

Formula and texture:
Kérastase Aura Botanica Bain Micellaire has an oily yet light texture; it results very delicate and doesn’t strip away hair natural moist.
The Bain Micellaire acts thanks to the micellar technology but it isn’t a watery product. Kérastase’s newest shampoo is a golden oil with a formula rich in 96% of natural key ingredients: fair-trade Samoan coconut and argan oils, sweet orange oil. 

The scent of Kérastase Bain Micellaire is elegant as its packaging and label. Coconut and sweet orange notes combine together to create an aromatic and spicy composition with an extremely light floral touch, but here nothing prevails. It’s an Oriental fragrance

How to use:
This oil-shampoo has to be applied to wet hair and scalp, then massaged as a normal shampoo to create an airy foam
It cleanses without over drying the hair but, in order to “purify” the scalp, it needs up to three applications.
It doesn’t foam quickly so that for a “squeaky clean” sensation one has to repeat shampooing over and over again.

Kérastase Aura Botanica Bain Micellaire shampoo. Formula and tetureValentina Chirico trying Kérastae brand new Aura Botanica haircare line

The Aura Botanica Soin Fondamentale by Kérastase is an "intense hydration" conditioner for very dry and dull hair.

THE PRODUCT: packaging

Aura Botanica Soin Fondamentale is a moisturising treatment, it’s so rich that it could be described as a hair pack! It’s contained in a large 200ml amber tube with a metallic cap.
Exactly as experienced with the Bain Micellaire, the cap is unhandy.

Kérastase Aura Botanica luxury and fair-trade haircare for dull hair. The detail: packaging
Valentina Chirico trying Kérastase brand new Aura Botanica haircare line

Formula and texture:
Kérastase's Soin Fondamentale is a dense, yellowish cream that melts with body heat and turns into a rich oil wrapping the hair. Its formula is free of silicones and sulphates and is made up of 96% natural ingredients: fair-trade Samoan coconut and argan with sweet orange oil.

Even the fragrance of the Soin Fondamentale Kérastase is well refined: aromatic and Oriental. Compared to the Aura Botanica Bain Micellaire, although similar in the olfactory category and uplifting sensation, here a sweet note seems to be prevailing, perhaps the coconut.The brand describes its Aura Botanica scent poetically as “an aromatic experience, the Sweet Orange Essential Oil offers uplifting notes of citrus and herbs, balanced with Damask Rose Floral Water for a hint of soothing florals”. It’s difficult to describe exactly Aura Botanicas frangrance(s) but, when combined together, they evoke incense.

How to use:
This Kérastase moisturising conditioner should be applied to damp hair, after the Bain Micellaire, and left in for 5 minutes. It’s a rinse-off treatment and can be enhanced with some drops of Kérastase Concentré Essentiel.

Kérastase Aura Botanica Soin Fondamentale deep hydration treatment. The detail: formula and texture

In my opinion, Aura Botanica Soin Fondamentale has an agreeable scent that relaxes my nerves and slowly dissolves, so that it isn’t overwhelming.
Kérastase Soin Fondamentale rinses off with ease and leaves my hair feathery light, easy to comb and smoother to the touch.

Kérastase Aura Botanica Bain Micellaire and Soin Fondamentale combination passed my test and kept its promises at my first try.
Indeed my hair is light and soft, less frizzy; I could clearly notice a "natural" glow and my mahogany colour (a previous henna experiment) is intensified.
Yes or no? Here are the pros and cons of the two pieces from the Aura Botanica line by Kérastase...


it doesn’t dry the hair,
it leaves the hair light and soft,
it has a delicate scent

it needs more applications,
its packaging isn’t functional or practical,
it has a high price


it hydrates intensely,
it untangles,
it restores softness,
it gives a natural glow,
it’s lightweight

its packaging is slightly unhandy

These two Aura Botanica products by Kérastase seem to have been designed to blend perfectly together for formulation and scent so that they really create a sort of “luminous aura” around my mane!
Where to find Aura Botanica by Kérastase?
Aura Botanica is already on sale, in any Kérastase official hair dresser salon, at Kèrastase e-shop (depending on your country) and through Amazon.
Aura Botanica can be quite expensive as one can expect from a professional, high-end brand.
Prices vary
Aura Botanica Bain Micellaire is 43$ in the US and £21.20 in the UK, a smaller size is available in the American e-shop (24$ for 80ml); while the Soin Fondamentale costs 45$ or £24.40, 24$ for the smaller tube (75ml).
(Shop the Aura Botanica by Kérastase line? US shop - UK shop)
Prices in Euro vary as well: in Italy the shampoo is 13€ and the hydrating conditioner costs 26,20€.

Valentina Chirico trying Kérastase brand new Aura Botanica haircare line
Details: thrifted silk shirt + Oltremare handmade necklace 
Oltremare is a green workshop based in Castellabate (Salerno-Cilento-Italy) where shells, natural stones and driftwoods receive brand new life as recycled home and fashion accessories

In my humble opinion, Aura Botanica Bain Micellaire has a very high price for the amount of product one needs every time, thus it ends up being quite expensive for frequent usages. Despite the great results, it isn’t one of my favourite hair product.
Aura Botanica Soin Fondamentale isn’t “essential” (read fondamentale) but it’s worth its price: it’s a sort of cuddle for my stressed hair, it’s nice to use and last long (both as effect and quantity).
Which one? If I had to choose one for my followers, I would recommend Kérastase Soin Fondamentale because it can, all alone, give that natural light and shine “Aura Botanica” takes its name.
The luxury granted by a professional coiffeur now at home... what a pleasure!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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