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Lush Cosmetics - Scrubee, body balm and scrub with (melting and delicious) fairtrade cocoa butter, review

Bzz bzz can you hear it? Scrubee has arrived with a bunch of other spring launches by Lush Cosmetics: a hydrating body scrub.
This brand new kawaii friend is a limited edition product for Mother’s Day/Spring 2017 and it’s one of
Lush Cosmetics’ fairtrade cocoa butter-based products

When I recently visited Lush shop in Naples, the team pampered me with Scrubee and I saw my skin shining, my face lightened up... I fell almost in love. 

Lush Cosmetics - Scrubee, body balm and scrub Spring 2017 limited edition. Review by Valentina Chirico

Lush Cosmetics says: “This happy little bee looks innocent enough, but it means bzzness when it comes to buffing your skin smooth.”
But what makes Scrubee different from a traditional body scrub? Think about “in-shower” body care product...

Lush Cosmetics - Scrubee, body balm with fair-trade cocoa butter and honey Spring 2017 limited edition. Review by Valentina Chirico

THE PRODUCT: packaging
Scrubee is a solid body scrub, a 2-in-1 product: body scrub and moisturising body balm in one.
It’s a naked product, meaning it has no packaging, and it’s a 100-gram pat shaped like a bee. (Ahem... same stamp of Ladybug/Ladybird. Are they twin?) 

Formula and texture:
Scrubee’s formula is rich in moisturising butter and essential oils: fairtrade cocoa butter and shea butter, honey and coconut oil, bergamot and Brazilian orange oils.
This hydrating base is balanced by its exfoliating counterpart, the marbled strips of the bee: coconut shell and almonds, both finely chopped.
The texture is creamy and grainy at the same time, in fact, Scrubee melts between your hands and its natural granules exfoliate the skin effectively but gently.

How to use:
Scrubee stays in the palm of your hand and it’s quick to use: it must be rubbed over damp skin, but I warmly recommend to place it inside a dry box immediately after and to continue directly with your hands
Scrubee leaves a real trail of grains on the skin... massage it with rotating movements and rinse everything with lukewarm water.

Lush Cosmetics - Scrubee, body balm and scrub, Spring 2017 limited edition. Review by Valentina Chirico

Scrubee has a sweet scent that creates dependence and comfort; it has hints of cocoa butter, or white chocolate, and honey.
In this melting and "comforting air”, I can’t catch citrusy notes. The scent is very long-lasting and remains on the skin for hours like Scrubee’s moisturising effect.
Scrubee gently removes the drier layer of the skin and leaves the body incredibly smooth, soft and elastic.
My skin is extremely dry and flaky and Scrubee has overcome any of the scrubs I've used so far, including Rub Rub Rub shower scrub!
Lush Cosmetics’ "honey bee" exfoliates, hydrates and gives a pleasant radiant effect, all while improving skin texture.

Lush Cosmetics - Scrubee, cocoa butter and honey body balm and scrub.

I was in love with Scrubee but its price was stopping me, indeed the Italian price is exaggerated
: each Scrubee is 10.95€ and it’s a very delicate product to use with extreme caution
Indeed this body scrub/body balm melts with body warmth and heat, water ruins it, thus it has to be kept in a dry and cool container.
Now Scrubee is with me and I every time I use it, I don’t want to consume it too quickly. What to do it when it's over? Let's recap ...

multi-purpose product,
effective (exfoliate, hydrates and illuminates)
delicate formula,
agreable scent,
long-lasting effect

limited edition,
expensive (in Italy and other countries),
delicate to handle

Naturally glowing skin? Valentina Chirico recommend Lush Cosmetics' Scrubee

Look at how glowing and radiant my skin and face are! Follow me on Instagram to discover how in the couple snaps...
I’ve got an Hamletic doubt: to recommend or not to recommend?
I look at my healthy-looking skin with its pearly light and I must recommend it and forget about its price. You can find Scrubee online and at your local Lush Cosmetics shop, its price varies depending on your country: for example, it costs 6.95£ in the UK and 7.95$ in the US.
I must buy another one to stock it up before it’s buzzing gone.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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