Thursday, 13 April 2017

Lush Cosmetics, Easter products and fair-trade cocoa butter, an ethical journey

Easter is one of the sweetest holidays of the year, but the one proposed by the UK beauty company Lush Cosmetics can be even sweeter. Lush Easter is ethical, as well as colourful and fragrant.
Lush Cosmetics' secret for such a goodness is a very rich raw material: fair-trade cocoa butter.

Charity Pots, Lush Cosmetics super hydrating hand and body cream with fair-trade cocoa butterLush Cosmetics, Easter products and fair-trade cocoa butter

The cocoa butter, the fondant heart found in many Lush products, has been wisely selected by the British brand in order to support local communities in those areas at poverty and war risk.
This good raw material comes from the Comunidad de Paz de San José de Apartadó in Colombia, a fierce community of little farmers who chose a non-violence way of life in the climate of continuous clashes among the country army, the right-wing paramilitary groups and guerrillas, and from FUNDOPO and CONACADO associations, two foundations gathering small cocoa butter farmers in the Dominican Republic.
For Dominican farmers selling their products, cultivated with simple techniques individually and organically, at a fair price is a hard task. These two associations allow farmers to reinvest the solidarity awards within their communities by improving the quality of their life, supporting their cultivations and activities.

This cocoa butter is valuable to the Colombian and Dominican communities, as well as great for our skin. The butter from cocoa beans has a high moisturising and softening effects, and it’s the secret of the self-preservation power of some Lush products (but this is another story!).

Flakes of pure fair-trade cocoa butter

Charity Pot, super-hydrating body cream with vanilla notes, whose proceeds go from time to time to non-profit associations; Pearl and Peace massage oil bars, Over and Over bath bomb; the Easter brand new Scrubee, a honey moisturising scrub, and Golden Idea, half bath melt half bath bomb, a hydrating nugget completely covered in gold dust.

Golden Idea, Lush Cosmetics Easter bath bomb melt with fair-trade cocoa butter
Over and Over, Lush Cosmetics bath bomb melt with fair-trade cocoa butterLush Cosmetics, Easter limited edition products and fair-trade cocoa butter
Pearl, Lush Cosmetics massage oil bar with fair-trade cocoa butter

Why is Lush Cosmetics’ choice so important? Cocoa Butter (Theobroma Cacao) is common in the food and cosmetic industries but is very long and expensive to produce, thus it’s a tempting ingredient giving way to land and labour overexploitation.

Scrubee, Lush Cosmetics hydrating body scrub with fair-trade cocoa butter

If you want to taste Lush Cosmetics “chocolicious” products and Easter bath and body limited editions without being and feeling guilty, visit the closest Lush shop or surf your local Lush Cosmetics site
Easter and its delicacies are tastier and more ethical if the cocoa butter comes from a fair-trade production!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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