Thursday, 2 March 2017

Acqua alle Rose by Manetti & Roberts make-up removing wipes, review

The "fast make-up removers battle" continues with Acqua alle Rose by Manetti & Roberts (Roberts Rosewater) make-up removing wipes. A classic as you can guess from their exquisite packaging...
Are they worth a try? This is why my review is online.

Acqua alle Rose by Manetti & Roberts are make-up removing wipes soaked in a solution for face, eyes and lips.

The formulation has no alcohol and contains 95% of natural ingredients, such as distilled rose waterrose hips, Damask rose and rosa centifolia extracts.

Acqua alle Rose by Manetti and Roberts make-up removing wipes with noble roses extracts, review

I purchased them at 2.50€ ca in occasion of a short break but I was a little hesitant. Indeed, I do not love floral scents and rose isn’t my cup of tea... 
so why on earth? I just wanted to see if they work and are that delicate.
These make-up removing wipes aren’t very elastic but extremely soft with a honeycomb structure; the rose scent is intense, fortunately, it isn’t persistent. The formula is very gentle and non-sticky. Despite the overall “gentleness”, I recommend to wipe the eye area as light as you can.
Indeed, these Acqua alle Rose wipes remove face make-up, eyeshadows and lip products with ease but they don’t work with mascara. What a great sin! 

As usual, I use these make-up removing wipes at the end of the day in order to speed up my face cleansing session.
I’m still surprised by how quickly, yet gently Acqua alle Rose make-up removing wipes remove even the creamiest and darker lipstick while living my lips lusciously soft and rosy!

they are made of a soft tissue,
their formulation is gentle,
they are suitable for face, eyes and lips,
they are travel-friendly (the packaging doesn’t lose liquids)

they don’t remove mascara very well
their price can be high

Acqua alle Rose by Manetti and Roberts make-up removing wipes

Acqua alle Rose by Manetti & Roberts make-up removing wipes are easy to find in any Italian supermarkets but are harder to find elsewhere.
They can be bought online but the price varies considerably so that if they’re used continuously, they become too pricey. 
On offer, they are worth the try, for sure, despite the rose scent!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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