Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Where to find the perfect lipstick display/make-up organizer online

The clear lipstick display: seen featured hundreds of times in the most glamorous beauty stations of the net, it’s a very useful tool to keep all our make-up well organised.

I gave in, I bought it and I was right! Finding the perfect lipstick display wasn’t that easy.
Is it a good investment and, most important, where to find it at the right price? I'll show you where I've found mine...

Where to find the perfect lipstick display/make-up organizer online
The violet choker is a unique Transparent Sculptural Jewellery by  Spanish architect and designer Marta Roura Castell√≤

Cosmetic displays... let's talk about them.

How many times and because of the morning rush, we can’t find a “silly” beauty item like a lip balm and we end up forgetting it?
If everything isn’t in the right place, we lost things and precious time in order to find them back. 
Lipstick displays come in handy and sound great for very busy and messy people or make-up junkies.

The perfect lipstick display/make-up organizer on e-bay

I searched in vain for a “decent in size”, sturdy and fair-priced make-up organiser. No one in shops, beauty corners and Flying Tiger stores had these characteristics and I opted for a DIY solution.
I’ve been using some empty cotton buds boxes for some time. They are practical to store small eye palettes and eyeshadow jars but they are uncomfortable to hold lipsticks and lipglosses because they keep falling continuously when you try to grab one.
Then, I’ve found my lipstick display on e-bay. Joy to the world!!!

The Lipstick Display/Make-up Organizer: the packaging 

My lipstick organizer is a rectangular (19x11,7x8/7,4cm) and solid clear box with 40 compartments, where each “lipstick seat” measures about 2,50cm per side. The free shipping and its low price, less than 5 €, convinced me to give it a try.

DIY solutions versus a lipstick display

Valentina Chirico's beauty station before and after/ DIY versus make-up organizer


I can’t hide one serious thing: shipping can be very slow since this box comes from China. It took more than a month to arrive home, in Southern Italy, but things can go better if you live elsewhere.Despite the long shipping time, my lipstick display, purchased from lalang-love-diy ebay shop, arrived secured, well packed and exactly as seen online.I filled it with my make-up favourites and it was pure joy for my eyes! 


Just lipsticks? All those make-up items with a pen, stick and tube packaging can take its own place in this lipstick display, such as traditional lipbalms, lipsticks, lipglosses and pencils.
Note: lip colours with larger or squared sticks don’t fit in it.
However, this displays is really smart because it can easily contain other products for face and eyes and even some purse-version scents: mascaras, pen highlighters and concealers, treatments and eyeliners, exactly like my Maybelline Master Inks peeping out behind my eye cream.

The perfect lipstick display/make-up organizer online

Having everything tidy and in order is extremely important for me, the question I ask you is: do you prefer DIY solutions or cosmetics organizer for your make-up?

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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