Thursday, 9 February 2017

Khadì vitalising hair oil, an Ayurvedic treatment for weak hair, review

I stumbled upon Khadì vitalising hair oil, while I was looking for a natural product to strengthen my hair from the roots.
Khadì is a natural brand specialised in skin, hair and body treatments with Ayurvedic extracts, which is well-known among “green beauty” lovers.

Khadì Vitalising Hair Oil, Ayurvedic oils mix, review

Khadì vitilising hair oil is a rich mixture of oils and plant infusions used in traditional Indian medicine.
Its goals: strengthen roots, promoting hair growth by stimulating blood microcirculation, fighting greying and visible weakness signs, such as split ends and thinning.
Khadì vitalising hair oil contains sesame, coconut, castor and carrot oils, rosemary and traditional Ayurvedic plants (Gunja, Bala, Bhringaraj) infusions. Some of the featured ingredients should even relax and soothe both senses and scalp.

Why have I chosen it? I wasn’t trying to prevent thinning, but I wanted to moisturise and strengthen my hair and make them luminous.
The 100ml-bottle has a golden cup covering the real applicator: a long dropper.
This applicator is really helpful because it reduces product wastage, although using it remains a "very slippery mission".
Khadi vitalizing hair oil has a rich aromatic and herbal scent, where distinguish a prevailing note is impossible.

Khadì Vitalising Hair Oil, Ayurvedic treatment - applicator

After shaking the bottle, this treatment should be applied to wet or dry hair.
I prefer to distribute it to dry hair, then I love massaging it slowly onto the scalp as a pre-shampoo treatment. I leave it 30 to 45 minutes, then I wash my hair as usual. This treatment can also be left overnight but I don’t.

My hair? From the first use, my hair becomes silky and easy to comb, my natural colour is exalted.
Khadi vitalising hair oil reduces frizziness, my hair is smoother... way too much! My naturally curly mane loses shape and flattens with ease. 
Positive note: it takes very little product per application.

Khadì Vitalising Hair Oil, Ayurvedic treatment review

Khadì vitalizing hair oil is available online at Khadì store and its Amazon store, many bio, organic and cruelty-free beauty e-shops.
I found it at (9.99€) , which always includes something in your order: there was a Zalando coupon and a bio cream sample within this small purchase.

So, do I recommend it? Only to those who have straight hair and serious dehydration and loss issues.
I continued to use this Khadì oily treatment but, despite its good properties and overall quality, I stopped and gave up with it.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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