Tuesday, 28 February 2017

How to: the smartest way to use a Lush Cosmetics shower jelly (and other jelly body cleansers)

Lush shower jellies and similar jelly body cleansers are very fun but extremely unhandy.

How to use every single piece of a shower jelly, so that you won't waste of money?

Today’s tip might sound nonsense, if not stupid, but it efficiently allows us to save some money! Indeed, in these days, I’m making use of Snowman’s last bites.
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How to: the smartest way to use a Lush Cosmetics shower jelly and other jelly body cleansers

Shower jellies slip continuously during the bath and, by keep falling over and over again, they get literally disintegrated.

The easiest yet silliest way to completely use Lush shower jellies is (drum rolls) by using them exactly as a hand soap.

With the usages, these jelly cleansers tend to break into smaller pieces, but it’s easy to take one piece at a time to wash your hands...
Plus, jelly jars look nice on the top of the sink, do they?

Lush Cosmetics Snowman shower jelly and jelly desserts
Snowman shower jelly, jelly dessert, wagashi and champagne shots
source: Pinterest

Candid like the snow and crystals, fresh like lemons: Snowman recall of... champagne jelly shots!
Oh, don’t thank me! Just wash your hands before leaving the bathroom, please!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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