Saturday, 14 January 2017

Floral kimonos for a spring anticipation

Isn't winter for you and are you secretly dreaming about spring warm days? No more with a floral kimono.
Kimonos are traditional Japanese clothes both for man and women, available in different traditional styles, each one to cover one of the four seasons and different national celebrations (matsuri). 
The things I like the most about kimonos are elegance and modernity since they can be easily “translated” into a “Western” fashion language.

Alone, as a dress, or as a coat, a kimono is an interesting piece worth adding into your closet. In my opinion, if it’s an independent creation, the better as these kimonos found over StyleWe!
I’ve already shown StyleWe with a selection of its featured international designers. Let's seen how 3 fashion studios have developed the “floral kimono” and kimono themes.

1) A black and gold kimono with a rich embroidery design and a black ribbon belt is the elegant solution by Nabisplace. This independent brand was founded by Nabi: former fine arts and design student, who “draws” lines, soft curves and knits in artistic, yet wearable clothes.

Floral kimonos, black and gold elegant kimono by Nabisplace, StyleWe

2) A poppy red open kimono with floral detail borders is the Q2 proposal: a kimono turning into a casual coat for a basic t-shirt or a tank top. Q2, born in the 90s, focuses on versatile clothes by winking at young people and replying to market’s hottest demands.

Floral kimonos, causal kimono by Q2, StyleWe

3) Welcome the dark side of you with a black silk kimono with floral lace sleeves and a bloody red belt. The red recourses all over the v-neck bordures for an extra sexy detail.
Susan Li has created this kimono especially for the young loving the gothic lolita style.
Her brand, Neo Ludwig is dedicated to these peculiar Japanese subcultures with combine quirkiness, Victorian fashion and mystery.

Floral kimonos, black lace for gothic lolita by Neo Ludwig, StyleWe

Starting from the Japanese kimono, these three independent fashion designers bent the past to meet modern tastes with their own floral kimono.
Which one represents your mood? I'm tempted by Susan Li's vision.

You can discover Nabisplace, Q2, Neo Ludwig and other ateliers via StyleWe and its media Facebook and Instagram.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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