Friday, 27 January 2017

Equivalenza - Only Essenza, walk with me back to the essence of scents

One day I’ve been attracted by a new shop sign saying "Equivalenza" during my last trip to Naples. I step into a small perfumery shop, welcomed by many numbered bottles of essences and loads of scents never seen before.

Equivalenza - Only Essenza, a Spanish perfumery chain

I've done my homework and now I know that Equivalenza is a Spanish perfumery chain distributed in Europe, Brazil and Mexico. The shop I visited in Naples is located in Corso Umberto I 197, the main boulevard connecting the city centre to the train station.
This store is rather small, intimate, and relatively new as it opened last December.

The Equivalenza brand is based on the key concept of “essence”, meaning the core of a perfume. All those numbered bottles displayed there have got a precise purpose: easing the selection of a scent that’s closest to our personal taste. Indeed, the Equivalenza staff is able to pick a scent which recalls our favourite fragrance depending on its olfactory families. Indeed, all essences are grouped and tidily placed per olfactory categories: citrusy, floral, fruity, chypre...
Name of a famous fragrance you like and the sales team will select one or more Equivalenza scents.

Equivalenza store in Naples, Corso Umberto I
Equivalenza - Only Essenza, perfumes
The Equivalenza team shop in Naples, Corso Umberto I
The Equivalenza lovely team shop in Naples, Corso Umberto I

Choosing a new scent isn’t an easy task, it takes time and sometimes we won’t do this, but the shop has a lot of small curious products winking and tickling our senses (and noses): there are home fragrances, solid perfumes with jewels and a nice array of bath and body products which can literally bring us around the globe.
How? It’s the Oh! My holidays range: in a New York bakery while sniffing cheesecakes aroma, at Formentera walking among bushes and fig trees, lost in the exotic air of a Polynesian isle or in Kyoto under cherry blossom clouds...

On the store counter, there’s plenty of choices: fruity, floral or sweet lip glosses and lip balms.
I fund the store full of products and team members with their typical Neapolitan enthusiasm, conviviality and energy. These girls talked a lot, explained everything and had a great patience: you know how many questions I usually put and pictures I love to snap.

Equivalenza home fragrances and the Oh My Holidays! bath and body lines
Equivalenza home fragrances selection
Equivalenza - Only essenza, the male line

Equivalenza isn’t a 100% green brand but all its products have a huge natural base: lip products contain shea and cocoa butter, beeswax and vitamin E; bath and body products are enriched with shea butter, natural glycerin, aloe vera, argan oil and so on...

Equivalenza - Only essenza, Sugar Kiss lip balm sticks
Equivalenza - Only essenza Oh My Holidays lines (New York Cheesecake and Kyoto Elisir)

Sunscreens, skincare, a male range and a bio line complete the Equivalenza catalogue
Unfortunately, I had little time and I couldn’t find my Equivalenza scent but you can take a peek at these shelves on my Facebook page
If you’re curious like me, you can discover the Equivalenza world with its e-store available online and on Facebook
The “Equivalenza perfume mission” needs a second trip to the shop, but I didn’t step away without picking a product. What?

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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