Sunday, 22 January 2017

Avon GEL SHINE nail polish in Citronised (Citronized), review and swatches

What if life gives me lemons? I wear Citronized, an Avon Cosmetics nail polish from its GEL SHINE gel effect line

Avon GEL SHINE nail polishCitronised (Citronized), review and swatches
Avon GEL SHINE nail polish, Citronised (Citronized), review and swatches (outdoor + sunlight) by Valentina Chirico

The name resumes this Avon nail polish brilliantly: Citronised is an unusual acid green with water shine and créme finish
Its formulation is easy to apply, it has a creamy consistency and a perfect coverage, making it a great choice for rushing lifestyles.
Citronized or Citronised is, exactly like Parfait Pink, a nail polish with a gel finish which doesn’t require UV lamp exposition nor long drying timesI’ve found the same characteristics in these two Avon GEL SHINE nail polishes except, in Citronised, the subtle finish and the no-scratch proof factor noticed in Parfait Pink.

Citronised has the same high concentration of pigment so that it might need just one coat for an optimal coverage. However, as I always do, for this pictures I’m wearing two coats of Citronised; without top coat I got a shiny result.
Avon GEL SHINE nail polish in Citronized has a flawless formula and a long, proportioned brush.
It dries very quickly and lasts more than 7 days without scratches. The colour is high-impact and very casual; a pro is that Citronised doesn’t stain the nails, a rare thing for a green nail polish!

it needs no UV lamp,
it has a nice gel shine even without top coat,
it has an intense colour,
it’s long-lasting,
it has an honest price,
it resists chemical aggression


Citronised (Citronized) Avon GEL SHINE nail polish, review by Valentina Chirico
Citronised (Citronized) Avon GEL SHINE nail polish, review by Valentina Chirico
Avon GEL SHINE nail polish, Citronised (Citronized), review and swatches (indoor + artificial light) by Valentina Chirico

Citronised nail polish costs 7£ in the UK and 7,90€ in Western Europe but it’s often on offer.
Why on Earth a not so feminine shade? Don't forget, Pantone decided that 2017 is the year of Greenery. Greenery is defined as 
"a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring..." and "symbol of new beginnings".
Do I recommend it? What a silly question, it’s so clear! 
Another acid juice for me, please!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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