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The ultimate wedding trends. What’s hot in 2017?

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The 2017 wedding trends play around romance and past fashion with jumps back to the ’50s and ‘60s for the bride gowns
These 4 easy to style examples offer you different ways to endorse these hot tendencies with the help of Millybridal UK.

The ultimate wedding trends. What’s hot in 2017?

The wedding dresses seen on the 2017 expos have two things in common: delicate lace applications and overall originality, both elaborated in a very fine way without overdoing or over expose the body.

Laces are a must: 2017 requires long skirts with a cascade of ruffles and see-through effect with lace fabrics. This year lace features vintage works and the chosen colours shifts between ivory and powder.

2017 Ultimate wedding trends: long lace sleeves and boho look. Dress by MillyBridal UK

The originality consists in a boho revisitation of the typical long dress with lace sleeves, plain pleated skirts, sleek belts (it’s just a body sign) and basic dress silhouettes: a-line and column to elongate the figure and "petites" body shape.

2017 Ultimate wedding trends: the boho look and deep back cut. Dress by Milly Bridal UK

The creativity in 2017 wedding fashion is also what we can describe as a "game of opposites": high neck or deep back cut, long skirts or knee skirts winking to ‘50s dresses
These opposite directions are playful and aim to show off each one’s true personality and enhance female grace all without heavy fabrics or bulky tails.

2017 Ultimate wedding trends: 50's look and shirt skirt. Dress by MillyBridal UK

A  2017 must is an unusual gown type, a surprise: the crop top dress. 2017 most original wedding gown is made of two pieces: a top and a skirt, where even asymmetric skirts are welcome.
This crop top dress is recommended to young brides with tonic bodies. In the case of crop tops, simplicity is the key: fabric should be totally plain.

2017 Ultimate wedding trends: the crop-top dress. Dress by MillyBridal UK

What about the bridesmaids? I suggest taking a look at Bridesmaid Dresses UK by having always in mind that bridesmaids’ dresses should follow bride’s style without completely copying her look. Boho is ok with boho but bridesmaids must do a step back in originality and clear extra laces.
For a complete catalogue of wedding gowns and style ideas, please check Millybridal site then look for Wedding Dresses UK.

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