Thursday, 29 December 2016

Elegant, colourful and artistic outfit at Palazzo Alario (Ascea Marina-Italy)

A chilly but sunny wintry day, an event and the perfect scenario for a mix-matching outfit and a photo shoot. A 700’s country farmhouse, Palazzo Alario, and a small square reminiscent of Greek urban architecture inspired me for a fashion look with an artistic touch.
I was wearing a WSDear sleeveless chiffon dress with pockets and pop art print: solid blocks in red, yellow, blue, fuchsia, white and black.

Elegant, colourful and artistic outfit at Palazzo Alario, Valentina Chirico
Ph. B.Positano

This chiffon dress reminds of Mondrian’s masterpieces and eclectic 80’s pop fashion and, in order to beat the cold, I’ve naturally layered it with an asymmetric blue Promod cardigan and a deep violet trench coat.
Thinking about the location and following night event, some women maxi dresses with a nice floral pattern and open sandals would have been a nice choice!

I’m in love both with the coat, which is very elegant, and the dress. I think it’s because of it pockets: a comfortable detail. An elegant, yet lazy hairdo: a side fishtail braid with some ApHogee (volumizing) spray.

Elegant, colourful and artistic outfit at Palazzo Alario, Valentina Chirico
Ph. B.Positano

cardigan: Promod
tights: Pompea
shoes: h&m
coat: Fragolita Star
accessories: Pimkie (satchel), WSDear (open bracelet)

A boho-chic golden bracelet
Palazzo Alario, Marina di Ascea (Italy)
Elegant, colourful and artistic outfit at Palazzo Alario, Valentina Chirico
Ph. B.Positano

The day was filled with foods and chit chats with my working pals (thanks to Bernardo Positano for the pictures), new meetings with amazing people. 
In this occasion, I’ve been lucky to know Gennaro Infante, a very talented photographer from Cilento who works with local media. 
He has taken this portrait which left me instantly speechless when I firstly saw it. I haven’t realised he was snapping!

Make-up: (face) Pupa Professional Primer Corrective 02 Green,
Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur in Warm Apricot (corrective primer), Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation in 30 (Sand) and 45 (Miel), Pupa Cover cream concealer 004, Avon True Ideal Flawless concealer in Medium, Pupa Like a Doll Nude Skin compact powder in 003; Pupa Extreme Bronze compact bronzing powder 002, Pupa Like a Doll Golden Infusion 001 Gold, Pupa Like a Doll Cream Blush 101 Doll Pink, (eyes) Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume mascara, Avon True Glimmersticks shimmery eye pencil in Pink Shimmer, essence I Love Stage (eye primer), essence All about Nudes eyeshadow palette, essence All about Greys eyeshadow palette; essence eyebrow fixing pencil, essence eyebrow stylist set in 01 natural brunette style, (lips) Bottega Verde Shiny Lip Gloss in Fragola
other: Debby magnetic nail polish 07 Mars, Scent of the day: Avon Secret Fantasy edp

Valentina Chirico, beauty editor, by photographer Gennaro Infante
Ph. Gennaro Infante

Nice people, nice place what else? Please, I need more days like these and more colours for my outfits!

A special "thank you" goes to Bernardo-Benny and Mr. Infante, my exceptional and super kind photographers!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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