Friday, 18 November 2016

Lavera hand & cuticle cream 2in1 care with organic olive oil and chamomille, review

I’m currently using Lavera hands & cuticle cream with organic olive oil as a sort of "good night product. Indeed, with a comfy pyjama, I can’t go to sleep without a very hydrating hand cream and a good lip balm.
When I wake up, early in the morning, here arrives the moment for the truth...

Lavera hand & cuticle cream, 2in1 care, is an organic-based body care product with olive oil, chamomile extract and avocado oil
, and it’s particularly suitable for dry and rough skin. It should work at 360° to hydrate and nourish hands and to protect cuticle and nails.
It promises to leave our hands supple and smooth for hours and hours. Does this Lavera 2in1 hand cream a good job?

Lavera hand & cuticle cream 2in1 care with organic olive oil and chamomille

The 75 ml tube is slim and functional with a solid cap, but the product itself is what interests me when it comes moisturising my dry skin.
Lavera hand & cuticle cream has a very light texture, despite it contains so many natural moisturising ingredients like olive extract and oil, avocado oil and shea butter. It absorbs quickly and leaves a pleasant and relaxing after use feeling, translated into soft skin.

Its formulation is extremely delicate and contains no aggressive or commercial chemicals such as petrol-based elements, preservatives, parabens and synthetic dyes. The fragrance is special: it doesn’t smell of olive oil and chamomile floral note is really lightweight, hard to recognise. I can describe its scent as fresh and fruity, as it reminds me of apricot.

Lavera’s effectiveness is real: this olive oil hand cream leaves my skin immediately smooth and elastic; this sensation lasts very long, I notice it when I wake up (after 6 hours) and even after a wash. My cuticles remain hydrated and healthy-looking. I always wear nail care products, this is why I can’t say a lot about Lavera’s action onto my nails.

it hydrates, 
it’s non-greasy,
effective and long-lasting,
certified vegan and organic,
it’s absorbed quickly,
it has a nice fragrance

it’s only available through selected eco-bio stores and online

Lavera hand & cuticle cream 2in1 care with organic olive oil and chamomille, packaging detail

Lavera 2in1 care hand & cuticle cream with organic olive oil has a shifting price, making it a medium cost product. It costs 4,95£ in the UK and 9.99$ in North America through Lavera official e-shops, but it’s also available in other online stores. For example, I’ve found it at Ecco-Verde, a recent discovery, for a lower price
You know what I think: hydration above all and one must take advantage of night time to restore it when our skin regenerates... you can check my personal tricks and favourite moisturiser, from head to toes, in this special contribution.

Do I recommend it? Yes, especially to those who often skip hand creams because dislike having something slippery on the palm of their hands.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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