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How to: organising your home nail station to perfection

Once you start collecting nail supplies, it’s a slippery slope into developing an entire at-home personal nail salon! Between the polishes, manicure supplies, nail art tools, and workspace needed, there’s a lot to keep in mind when organising a nail station.
At Modernize, we like to have a plan in mind when we start a project, so here are our tips on how to flawlessly organise your mini nail salon.

How to organise your home nail station to perfection. Colourful arragement of nail polishes

Nailing Those Organizational Skill

First, you’ll want to find an empty shelf for your polishes or buy clear, short containers to store the bottles in.
Organise within this space by colour; using the rainbow order is always a fun way to set up the hues.
Separate out the “oddities” like old crackle polishes and flakies and glitters, so you won’t confuse them for regular opaque polishes. Also, if you use both gel and regular lacquer, make sure the two don’t get mixed up.
This way you can easily take inventory of what colours you already have and won’t end up with duplicates within each polish type.

How to organise your nail polishes by using the rainbow chromatic order. Tips and tricks

Create separate storage for all of your etcetera nail goods.
A craft box with individual, variously sized compartments is perfect for accessories like jewels, chrome powder, glitters, stamping, and dotting tools and those tiny little beads you bought during the “caviar nail” fad.
When taking the time to work on your nails, you can pull the desired polishes and tools from your storage to use on your worktable, so that the space remains uncluttered.

How to organise your nail polishes and your home nail station with creativity. Tips and tricks

Manicure-specific tools
like files and scissors should be kept in a separate bag or container that is kept immaculately clean.
Lamps for gel, soaking tubs, marbling cups, acetone, alcohol, paper towels, and lint-free wipes take up quite a bit more space. These can be part of or just near your designated workspace instead of the storage area or in a bathroom drawer.

Finally, consider maintaining a digital folder of design ideas. Use Pinterest or take screenshots on your phone of designs from Instagram and YouTube so you’ll never run out of fun manicure ideas. The possibilities are awe-inspiringly endless!

How to organise your manicure and pedicure tool. Tips and tricks

Keep Collecting and Creating

Whether you tackle the messy mission of water marbling your manicure, the time-consuming task of painting gel nails, or simply applying a coat of sheer polish, keep your supplies and space organised to avoid a mess.
And leave some spots open for new polishes and supplies. You never know when the next trend will pop up and how many new items you’ll find that you won’t be able to resist adding to the collection!
Exactly, Modernize team knows really well what’s the effect brand new nail polishes and trends over girls. Indeed nail lacquers are like candies...

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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