Thursday, 27 October 2016

StyleWe: the online showcase and shop for independent fashion designers’ creations

A great destination for independent fashion creations and clothes is StyleWe, an online shop presenting selected designers, supporting their productions and showcasing their works.
But why choosing an indie creation?
These fashion pieces
 aren’t available in traditional shops and chains, they have huge work and inspirational research behind, plus each one is handmade, thus unique.

StyleWe, independent fashion designer online shop. Long black dress by Teyxo

While looking online for event garments, I’ve found StyleWe dresses and I’ve literally fall in love with a designer in particular: Lara from Teyxo.
Lara is an actress who loves fashion and vintage memorabilia, that has taken a great decision in 2013: turning her passions into fashion by founding her own little maison de mode

Based in Europe, her line inspirations come from the 20’s and Hollywood glam, indeed I can see some golden era appeal in her flowing and light long dresses with personal touches, modernity, and power.
Translucent, feathery fabrics and faux leather inserts, here’s how that unconventional little black dress with an 80’s graphic detail and a hybrid shirt looking like an asymmetric dress were both born!

StyleWe, independent fashion designer online shop. Long creative dresses by Teyxo

If you like indie creations and want to surprise people a catwalk-worth outfit, then StyleWe is a place to keep an eye on, especially with the holiday season coming closer and the typical “Shop for Black Friday and Cyber Monday” promotions.
Who ever said we can’t save, while strutting a high-end fashion creation?
You can follow all the independent designers supported by StyleWe via Instagram with some interesting sneak peeks and sketches from the ateliers. 

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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