Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Sailor Moon make-up, Miracle Romance by Creer Beauté is now in Naples!

I’ve got a great news for all anime and Asian cosmetic lovers stopping in Naples: Alastor Napoli had brought something peculiar in its shop, that's the magical Miracle Romance make-up line by Creer Beauté.
If these names are totally new, Sailor Moon will be much more familiar, for sure.

Creer Beauté is a cosmetic company held by Bandai, which transports the fantastic anime and manga world into make-up products: the Miracle Romance range is inspired by Sailor Moon with eyeliners, eye pencils and lip balms shaped like the Sailor super girls’ scepters and powder compacts contained in gleaming caskets; La Rose of Versailles proposes the elegance and sensuality of the French court, we all dreamt about while watching Lady Oscar’s story, with face masks, eye make-up, false eyelashes included, lipglosses... the list would continue with its collections inspired by sexy princess Lum’s manga and anime Urusei Yatsura, the Evangelion scents, hair wax à la Goku from Dragon Ball Z...

Sailor Moon gadgets and make-up, Miracle Romance by Creer Beauté now at Alastor Napoli comic shop

Does it sound great?
At a first glance, these products by Creer Beauté would seem just like colourful toys, instead, they’re real make-up with a very nice, detailed and shiny packages like the scepters of our childhood heroines.
Halfway between cosmetics and collectibles, Creer Beauté make-up is something to treasure and collect!

Miracle Romance make-up by Creer Beauté inspired by Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon make-up, Miracle Romance by Creer Beauté now at Alastor Napoli comic shop

Creer Beauté can be found on the net, but one has to wait a lot and even to pay extra duties and taxes if one buys online. Sad but true.
The champion of the justice stops in Naples with some moon magics, in fact, eyeliners and face compact powders are now available at the store along with other quirky Sailor Moon gadgets.
Thanks to Alastor Naples city center is a bit more magical and Japanese, I know it’s going to become even more in the coming months!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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