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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Pumpkin tattoos in the mood for Halloween. 5 pumpkin-themed body tattoos for everyone

It's October, the orange (as well as pink) month, it's a month for all things rustic, sweet or scary, in one word: pumpkins.
If you're in the right mood for autumn and Halloween, and if you're crazy enough you could show your "deep" love for this season with a pumpkin tattoo!

Halloween-themed body tattoo, hunted house

I've dreamed about getting my body tattooed for a long time now, indeed I originally wanted a Maat spreading her wings behind my neck, but after my bad colouring experience, I gave up
I do want something, something small and ironic, a pumpkin?
Pumpkins can be fun or scary, a perfect theme for a sketch, for sure, and also for tattoos!
Smiling, crying, hanging from a tree, everyone can find the perfect Halloween-themed body art.
These are my 5 picks, I see well a small orange pumpkin in a restrict portion of the skin, like our wrist.

Halloween-themed tattoos, pumpkin tattoos

The solution for all scared people: temporary tattoos! These pumpkin faces are simply adorable, 100% pain and regret-free!

Halloween-themed tattoos, pumpkin tattoos. Pumpkin temporary tattoos on Etsy

Why on earth pumpkins for Halloween? Yes, they are seasonal vegetables, thus the perfect and environmental-friendly solution, but all has started in Irland where people were used carving turnips.
This custom is connected to Jack-o-lantern tradition about a smart Irish guy, his pact with the devil and his eternal punishment: wandering without finding a secure place for him with just a lantern made out of a carved turnip. When, in the XIX century, Irish migrated in Northen America, they noticed American turnips being too small so they opted for... pumpkins!
Opt for temporary tattoos, if you don't want to punish yourself or being punished for a wrong tattoo!
Are you still in the mood for Halloween and pumpkins? Then check these interesting seasonal posts:
Enjoy your pumpkin!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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