Sunday, 2 October 2016

Ode to the cosmetic sample, a praise in scattered rhymes or “About utility of beauty testers”

Sorry, I had to add my two cents again, just good things. Ready for a little piece of poetry?
My "Ode to the cosmetic sample"...

Ode to the cosmetic sample, cream and lipstick samples

Ode to you, cosmetic sample, standing in the palm of a hand,
we love till the end!

Small and colorful, we collect you at may
but we didn’t open you right away

Oh, how long we’ve been waiting for your arrival by mail, mags and boutiques,
parce que tu est trés chic!

Ode to you, cream sample, we’re out of troubles
no pain, no mistakes, let’s say goodbye face bubbles!

Ode to you, perfume sample, the perfect one we’ve bought
we won’t stink anymore
but now we want more and more!

Ode to you, foundation sample, we haven’t used you all at once;
we’ve loved and counted all your drops!

Ode to you, lipstick sample,
a small tube is your temple...

but might lightning and thunders strike
who puts you in a purse
‘cause you’re good to use?

Ode to you, enamel sample,
might a perennial bad luck comes

for all whom with steady hands acts.

Ode to the cosmetic sample, lipstick testers ate the drugstore

This silly ode has a meaning. Cosmetic samples, our pain and delight! I guess and I’m pretty sure all of us have looked for and collected them. 
They aren’t just tiny and cute but they’re very handy: they allow us to find out if a face cream is the right one for our skin and in case it is if the scent and texture are good enough for our taste.
Foundation or lipstick samples? They are a rarity to find in magazines, for this, they are the most searched and stolen. How may peculiar hues and shades we can experiment thanks to them?
Nail lacquer tester? The most troubled one, what a pity! How many time has ever happened to find at the cosmetic counter to find lipstick and nail polish testers all messed up?
There’s a clear difference between products and testers, do you know rude girls out there?
Scent samples? My favourite, my dear; it allows us to discover the evolution of olfactory notes throughout the day and, I think it’s the only one worth a collection!

Ode to the cosmetic sample, scent samples

Be respectful with these little beauty buddies: cosmetic samples, a sample of public utility

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

Photo credits: 
@Naomi King via Flickr
@Henry Faber via Flickr

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