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Avon GEL SHINE nail polish in Parfait Pink, review and swatches

Avon GEL SHINE nail polish in Parfait Pink is a shade that stands for young femininity.
It’s one of Avon Cosmetics GEL SHINE nail enamels, a nail polish range with a gel-like finish and high-impact colours.
This nail
colour range promises the same gel effect one can get at the salon but without the usage of the UV lamp and its long waiting time. Plus they have a long-lasting finish and a formulation infused with omega oils, in order to nourish and fortify the nails. 

Avon GEL SHINE nail polish Parfait Pink, bottle review and swatches

Avon GEL SHINE Parfait Pink is a shifting shade of fuchsia: it can’t be simply described as a Barbie fuchsia, a medium pink nor a magenta. It looks like a shocking pink with tiny silver and ton-sur-ton shimmer creating a very fine, cold shine from the bottle.
Once worn, it may recall a Persian Rose or a razzle dazzle rose depending on the light.
In person, its shimmer isn’t very noticeable but giving a deep and
tridimensional look.
Avon Parfait Pink really looks like a gel nail polish with that typical thickness but it’s easier to remove and doesn’t stain my nails.
It needs two coats to get a full opacity, while the crème GEL SHINEs may need just one.

Avon GEL SHINE nail polish Parfait Pink, review and swatches outdoor direct sunlighAvon GEL SHINE nail polish in Parfait Pink, review and swatches
Avon GEL SHINE nail polish in Parfait Pink, review and swatches

Avon GEL SHINE nail polishes come in iconic square bottles with a solid cap and a long but not too wide brush that’s still extremely easy to use. Avon Parfait Pink lasting power is great: more than 6 days without top coat.
It dries quite quickly and it resists chemical aggression, this is why the colour and its jelly shine last long.No matter this, I recommend using the Avon GEL SHINE topper to make Parfait Pink even shiner and make it scratch-proof.

it needs no UV lamp,it has a gel shine,
it has an intense colour,
it’s long-lasting,
it has an honest price on offer,
it resists chemical aggression

the shimmer isn’t very visible once worn,
it isn’t scratch-proof

Avon GEL SHINE nail polish in Parfait Pink, review and swatches

I like it because it isn’t a flat and boring pink, it has personality!Avon Parfait Pink GEL SHINE nail polish costs 7£ in the UK and around 7.90€ in Western Europe. You can buy it online by visiting your local Avon site and/or from your local Avon representative.
I recommend it, especially if you have to deal with home detergents and housework, have zero time nor funds for a professional gel manicure.
It’s for you if you love changing your nail colour as your mood does like me!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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