Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Avon Cosmetics presents Avon True and launches its new mascara Wide Awake, beautiful promises are kept

Avon Cosmetics is in everyone’s mind synonymous with red lipstick and sleek-packed cosmetics. This autumn Avon maximizes the performance of its classic make-up range: Avon Colour becomes Avon True and comes along with its new mascara called Wide Awake.

Avon Colour becomes Avon True: beautiful promises kept

In Avon True, trusted customers will find themselves cherished by the most appreciated products, while the new ones will be pleasantly surprised by the wide colourful proposals and their value for money.
Avon True's mission is keeping all its promises with high-quality products, always updated formulas, trusted performances and great prices for all.
The flagship product is the new Avon True Wide Awake mascara, a multi-action mascara that lifts, curls and volumizes every single eyelash without adding extra weight. It's contained inside a black tube and has a fibre wand, my favourite kind, with an hourglass shape to “hug” and curl your lashes.

Avon True, new Wide Awake mascara
Avon True, new Wide Awake mascara hourglass wand

The Wide Awake mascara has a long-lasting formulation, the "Lift and Lock Technology, that doesn’t crumble during the day and it’s ophthalmologist tested and safe for contact lenses wearers.
Images "speak" more than a hundred words, from this video you can see how the Avon True Wide Awake mascara keeps its beauty promise: awakening tired eyes with just one swap in the morning!

Other great products accompany the Wide Awake mascara like the beloved Glimmersticks and Glimmersticks Diamonds eye pencils, the Perfectly Matte lipsticks, the blush pearls as well as the renewed single and duo eyeshadows and the Always on Point eyeliner.

Avon True, blush pearls
Avon True, new Always on Point eyeliner

Among the other new products, I recommend Avon Foot Works Berry and Vanilla line, your feet will appreciate an extra care and thanks to its wintry, cozy scent you’re going to love it, especially if you’ve already liked the Avon Foot Work relaxing soak and pedicure line with Pomegranate and Chocolate or the Avon Naturals Sensationals body cream with yogurt, pomegranate and wild berries!

Avon Foot Work Vanilla Berry winter pedicure line (relaxing soak, exfoliating scrub and moisturinzing cream)

Beautiful promises kept? The answer is yes!
Give it a try by visiting your Avon Cosmetics local site and having a chat with your Avon representative.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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