Sunday, 18 September 2016

Wycon Cosmetics - Lip Marker 'N' Balm lip tint pen in Azalea Pink #04, review and swatches

Has it ever happen to you? Popping into a shop and, after swatching some random products, falling in love with a make-up piece and a particular shade and then feeling a perpetual doubt once purchased it? This happened exactly to me when I met the Lip Marker ‘N’ Balm by Wycon Cosmetics.

It was my very first time at a Wycon counter and, among eyeshadow pots and creamy lipsticks, I was keen to try everything passing through my hands. Then I was struck by these Lip Marker 'N' Balm lip tint pens, double ended “markers”, a felt tip and a solid balm ends, with a sort of sweet scent.
The shade Azalea Pink #04 was my immediate choice because, by trying it on the back of my hand and on my fingers, it looked like a nice warm pink, but very natural.

I tried and tried it, but I still feel there’s something wrong with this lip tint.
The packaging has some information about the Lip Marker 'N' Balm, for example “no-transfer colour”, “tattoo effect” and “buildable colour”; while the website adds that "it has a water-based texture that makes it light on the lips, for a pigmented and no-transfer result. The balm, enriched with vegetable waxes, leaves lips soft, giving comfort and hydration [...]".
It has to be shaken before use and actually it’s easy to use; however, I noticed that this lip tint pen hasn’t the light consistency promised by the brand.
Indeed it’s extremely sticky already at its first coat and even after, after waiting for it to dry.
How can a water-based product be that gluey?
The result isn’t uniform, nor comfortable; it leaves uneven patches and an unpleasant dryness feeling. It moves and transfers on any surface that comes in contact with the lips, even after 20 minutes from its application. As I previously affirmed, there’s something wrong!
I had many doubts even on the balm: how and when to use it? The package doesn’t clear this point and, when I bought it, there was nothing about it on the website. I tried to use it after a half hour or a n hour from the application to re-hydrate my lips: the tint transferred onto the stick and started to migrate, staining my teeth.
I’ve also tried it as a pre-treating base: I applied the tint after removing the excess balm with a soft tissue, I had no better luck, no improvement.
I’ve tried it immediately after, the tint stains the balm stick, but finally the tint colour becomes more uniform, as well as glossier. However, the balm is very dense and viscous.
It isn’t comfortable and this gooey feeling lasts for hours, the colour less.
After all the tests and the months of use, I’m more than certain that the Wycon Lip Marker ‘N’ Balm lip tint hasn’t the tattoo effect we’re looking for and it lasts about one hour before fading into spots.

The exact colour? Much more vivid than it looked like, it takes little to overdo it and my lips, already pigmented, become hot, hot fuchsia.
Fuchsia is a shade I sport with pleasure, but I wanted something more delicate this time and this was what I expected from the Lip Marker ‘N’ Balm.

it’s compact;
It’s easy to apply

dryness feeling;
very sticky balm;
uneven colour;
poor durability;
"heavy" on the skin;
high price for its value.

Do I recommend it? No. Although it’s handy in my bag, it’s far from practical.
The result is uneven and when you use it, it’s always possible to exaggerate the amount of tint as the tip releases loads of liquid, or to have little colour or to end with a rosey... smile, no teeth!
What a shame, what a pity! Because of it, I was very close to miss my train! Wycon Lip Marker ‘N’ Balm isn’t travel-friendly nor pocket-friendly, anyway!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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