Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Cool designs: Fria artistic tissue boxes collection spotted at the drugstore, chic and eco-friendly

Ecological intent, cool design, poetry, and art meet together in a daily, basic product: tissues!
While on holiday, I’ve spotted these chic tissue boxes at the drugstore. They are all made in Italy by Fria; "They deserve a spotlight..." I thought back then!


So, I've found myself snapping with my smartphone among empty shelves.
Fria tissue boxes 
aren’t tested on animals and are made of cotton and natural fibers, but what makes them special is the extra attention to details in their packaging.
Indeed, there 
are three 
Fria Tissue chic versions: inspired by contemporary art, art decò and Japanese soft landscapes, each one is companied by a quote.


Hopefully, you can also buy them online at a ridiculous price: 2,49€.
Grab them, you don’t need a trip to Italy if you want to find them and have a piece of art in your bathroom!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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