Saturday, 10 September 2016

Beauty on the go: my essential beauty products for an all-day hydrated and protected body and glowing face

I’ve made some sensational discoveries in the skin care area while rushing to the supermarket; other cosmetics and make-up have been stationed inside my beauty case for some time now and wandered with me because they are essential, functional and high quality.
From left to right, the products I’m currently using and I recommend, the reason?
It’s quite obvious: they’ve plenty satisfied me!

Skin needs hydration! Dove Nutrium Moisture shower cream, with shea butter and vanilla, is a moisturizing body wash that leaves skin silky hours after the use; it has a creamy formula and creates a fluffy foam that’s very delicate; Avon Naturals Sensational body lotion with yoghurt, wild berries and pomegranate scent mouth-watering and leaves the skin supple and elastic; Nature Line cleansing milk with cucumber and guava is a biological and eco-cert certified cleansing lotion, light and fresh for dry and sensitive skin; Advance Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence Cosrx is the step right before the face cream.
This essence with snail mucin perfects skin texture and fights early signs of ageing; Avon SUN+ moisturising sun spray with spf15 is a spray no-spray!
It’s a spray-able creamy sunscreen that protects from UVA and UVB rays while moisturizing the skin without that horrible greasy feeling! Even if the sky begins to be covered by gloomy clouds, I fight like a lion against sunlight and I’ve found this Avon sunscreen very convenient; day face cream is another must as, after an essence or an acid face treatment, face skin becomes more sensitive to sun light and has to be protected.
For my hair, I'm using Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer with optimized ph, a professional product for extremely dry and damaged hair that can also be used at home!
The make-up products I’ve been using all summer long are basically three: Touch in Sol Technicolor Lip and Cheek tint with powder finish #04 Mystique Coral, is a multiuse tint in a gorgeous neon coral shade, very orangey when applied and blended onto the cheeks. This product is extremely long-lasting, indeed I've worn it at the beach!
Pupa Cover Cream Concealer 04 is a pen concealer that, thanks to its orangey hue, conceal and hide blue and violet dark circles, and the end my mascara.
The Velvet Noir mascara by Marc Jacobs, a volumizing mascara but with an airy, lightweight formula. It’s “sweatproof” and lasts long despite it isn’t waterproof! Last style note: a straw hat and a neon silicon watch, the fluorescent Avon Axton, so I always know what time it is and I don’t over expose to the sun!


These beauty essentials wait for the next adventure on the road and are ready to remain among my favourite for quite a while! 

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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