Thursday, 1 September 2016

Beauty news: ManeLine handmade haircare debuts online with its Natural "NoPoo" shampoo alternative

September 2016: an alternative to chemical shampoos with a long and adventurous story behind is making its entrance: it’s ManeLine with its "Original NoPoo" shampoo. 
ManeLine is a brand new handmade beard and hair care company born from a project developed by Jeff and Jen Kulfalk, unconventional couple and SkinChanted founders. But what’s exactly a “no poo” and what’s interesting about this brand and its launch?

ManeLine is the daughter brand of SkinChanted, an American independent skincare company; all started time ago, in the mid-2000s, when Jeff and Jen, a couple with stable and promising carriers, decided to sell and give away all they own to start a new life.
After exploring the surrounding of Atlanta, Jen though she needed a way to express her creativity and Jeff supported her; then during a relaxing bath, the brilliant idea arrived right into the tub: creating a small, eco-conscious handmade business devoted treating every single human with customizable and ecological products that are unique as people would use them are. 
In this way, they founded their own skin care company called SkinChanted and one of their particular products was a “no poo” shampoo. 

“No poo” is a very delicate hair cleansing method involving homemade recipes without the use of harsh chemicals; back in 2013 Jen and Jeff created their “NoPoo” version which was free of silicones, phosphate and sulphates, it was named “Peek-a-Poo” shampoo and had such a great success among their clients that now the Kulfalks are ready to launch a “baby brand” from SkinChanted: ManeLine.

ManeLine is all about hair and beard care and has three lines: the shampoo, the pomade, and the beard oil ranges.
The shampoo line consists in the “NoPoo” shampoos which use just natural ingredients in order to avoid allergic reactions while working on all hair types thanks to its 6 varieties. Why six?
There are three lines: for fine to medium hair, for natural and ethnic hair and for coloured hair; then each line has a specific twin studied to contrast dandruff and soothing itchy scalps.
With six different formulations, ManeLine’s “NoPoo” meets everyone’s hair types and needs!
These are the magic couples: the “Original Formula” and Dharma are for fine and medium hair; then Natural Hair Formula and Solace for ethnic and coarse hair, at the end Rainbow and Aura for coloured and gray hair.
The “NoPoo” shampoo is easy to use and requires less product than a regular shampoo.
Jen and Jeff recommend to brush your hair before washing them, then getting them wet, spreading and massaging the shampoo into hair and scalp, then letting it sit for two to three minutes before washing it off.

For hairstyling, ManeLine has a pomade line consisting of three products made of natural waxes, oils and clays which help to set your up-dos while nourishing dry hair: Plume, the lighter-powered styling pomade, Focus with medium hold and Vigor, the stronger and long-lasting one, for all people who aren’t afraid to try the crazier hair or beard style!

Last but not least, ManeLine takes care of men because, Jen and Jeff, this man in particular, know how bearded guys love their beards and are proud of them!
ManeLine’s Naturally Perfect Beard Oils are produced with the finest essential oils available, they protect and nourish beards and at the same time, they fight frizziness and dryness. 
There are two blends in six scented varieties and one original un-fragranced version: Pale, the lighter oil mixture for shorter beards and summer time, and Stout, the thicker and richer blend for maximum hydration during the colder seasons.

ManeLine “NoPoo” shampoos, pomades and beard oils are handmade, ecological and cruelty-free, created in small batches daily. 
Jen and Jeff use, despite not 100% biologically certified, just local and natural ingredients and test they products on themselves and friends. 
From the US, they are “already ready” to export their good hair care and styling tools for hair and beards worldwide as they have in mind everyone, everywhere.
Visit ManeLine site to approach yourself to the “no poo” method and discover the shampoo or styling product that’s right for your hair type, hairstyle or... nose!
ManeLine is a pleasant return to a natural way of cleansing because after a shower, a clean head guarantee shiny hair and clean minds! Jen and Jeff’s story is a brilliant example.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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