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Avon - makeup setting spray, review

We run, we sweat, we cook, we work, but our make-up must survive: that’s sure, that’s categorical. Thus when I’ve found Avon Cosmetics’ makeup setting spray on offer I knew I had to grab it, moreover the humid and hot weather is unforgiving in Southern Italy.
A fixing spray seems an exclusive product for make-up artists and professionals, or something extra not always necessary in daily life, but this kind of product has demonstrated to be a trustworthy friend this summer and finally Avon Cosmetics has its own along with a nice range of pro tools and primers.

Avon, makeup fixing spray, makeup fixer, makeup primer, review

Avon make-up setting spray is a vaporizable liquid, contained in a black and sleek 125 ml bottle; it aims to fix make-up for a fresher look.
It’s easy to use: one has to mist it by holding the bottle at 8-10 inches away from one’s face, while keeping the eyes gently closed, then left it air dry. The recommended amount of fixing spray is between 2 and 4, but honestly, I don’t think we need that much for fixing our make-up for hours.
I usually spray it once per side, once for cheek, since I’ve noticed, while misting it once at the centre of my face, that my skin results too wet and, at the end, I start to feel a weird sensation like much similar to some make-up setting at the sides of the nostril and mouth.
When I use it as I described above and at the right distance, my Avon make-up fixing spray dries in less than one minute and start to do its job.
This spray contains alcohol and its scent is very light, slightly alcoholic, but it’s evanescent because it evaporates fast. It’s cool but not too much.
I mist it all over my face, I sporadically use it as a fixer for eye shadows.
Generally, my make-up lasts more than six hours: thanks to this spray my eyeshadows don’t fade away; mascara doesn’t crumble or dissolve, while my face base and colour remain unchanged and even lipstick seems to last more than before.
in the picture I was wearing Avon Super Shock mascara and Maybelline Color Sensational The Creamy Mattes lipstick in Divine Wine and, on that hot day I drank from the bottle, I ate and my lipstick was still there!

Valentina Chirico wearing Avon, makeup fixing spray,Maybelline, The Creamy Matte lipstick, Divine Wine

Avon make-up setting spray doesn’t mattify for a long time, it doesn’t minimize excess sebum, in fact, my selfie shows a shiny T-zone after my shower.
Despite this last note, Avon make-up setting spray is a good product and it’s very gentle to the skin. Its formula doesn’t’ dehydrates dry or sensitive skin.

easy to use; 
it dries in a reasonable time; 
it extends the life of make-up in the heat, steam, sweat, hot condition; 
it increases the resistance and the intensity of all of make-up products; 
it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin; 
it doesn’t dry the skin;
it’s impalpable 

the matt effect isn’t long-lasting; 
the recommended dose is exaggerated and worsened it 

Avon, makeup setting spray, review, long-lasting make-up

Recommended? Yes, if you want an affordable, easy to use and working setting spray or if your skin isn’t too oily.

Avon make-up setting spray has a variable price, generally around 16€ and it’s often on offer; in the UK and Germany it’s already on the “shelves” the Magix prime and set spray, a more powerful version.
It’s available through Avon representatives and catalogues or online.
Check your local Avon site to discover more about it.
One spritz, long life to our make-up look!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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