Sunday, 14 August 2016

Sleeping trouble while in Italy? The new natural dietary supplement by Linea ACT with melatonin and valerian is the solution

Is sleeping a labour of Hercules for you? Mother Nature will help you to find a good rest thanks to melatonin. This molecule stimulates our hypothalamus so that to facilitate sleeping and regulate our sleep-wake rhythm mined by stress and a very frenetic lifestyle.
If you’re in Italy right now and you’ve getting trouble,you might use 
MELATONINA+ FORTE 5 COMPLEX e VALERIANA ACT®, the brand-new dietary supplement by Linea ACT.

Linea ACT, sonno, sleeping dietary supplement, melatonin, valerian, sleep
Linea ACT, MELATONINA+ FORTE 5 COMPLEX E VALERIANA ACT, dietary supplement, sleeping

Effective but gentle, with natural extracts of valerian, California poppy and griffonia; tryptophan, niacin and vitamin B1, this isn’t a drug and can be found in many Italian chemist’s shops, drugstores and online.
MELATONINA+ FORTE 5 COMPLEX E VALERIANA ACT® is a quick and convenient solution finding your lost rest.
For more information about Linea ACT and its rich “sonno” dietary supplements range, visit

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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