Sunday, 7 August 2016

Brazil inspired fashion: forest prints and carnival colours from head to toes

The whole world is in turmoil, hypnotised in front of the big screen and by the 31st Olympic games; cheering, sighing and dreaming of a far away exotic destination: Brazil.
The fashion world, however, isn’t simply attracted by, but rides and guides the big style wave, it exploits the trend and tinges everything with a thousand vibrating colours.
Brazil, with all its contrasts, architectural and natural beauties, translates into a vitamin chromatic palette that’s easy to adopt, especially in summer.  

Brazil, Brazil inspired fashion, tropical prints, summer fashion, Rio de Janeiro architecture colours
Vogue Japan -  Marie Claire Australia

If you’d like to bring the healthy vitamin B(razil) in your wardrobe, you can play with neon hues and saturated shades: outfits with large skirts, tank tops with volants and blouses go hand in hand with color blocks inspired by the colourful old carioca architectures and mixes of prints and designs borrowed from Escalera SelarĂ²n’s cheerful majolica steps in Rio de Janeiro. 
A turban or a wide headband, suitable for everyone, is the icing on the cake of this brasileiro style. 

Brazil, Brazil inspired fashion, tropical prints, floral prints, summer fashion, floral prints, forest, accessories, Rio de Janeiro architecture colours

Feets are covered with and in nature! Flip flops with cute toucans, flowers and relaxing sunsets, exactly as seen in this fun Havaianas slim model, or high platform shoes with vegetable printed ribbons. 
Clutches and tote bags receive the same inspiration, an example?
Perfect for a trip to the beach, a ride in the city centre or a random wandering through ancient streets of an unknown site, it’s this Pimkie very casual backpack.

Brazil, Brazil inspired fashion, tropical prints, summer fashion, Rio de Janeiro architecture colours

The “B style”, B like Brazil, is something easy-peasy if you’re looking for the perfect effortlessly chic beach style. While fantasizing of Copacabana, Ipanema or the more intimate beaches of the archipelago Fernando de Noronha, the ad hoc beachwear includes, here again, tropical prints, with ferns and beautiful flowers of the lush Amazonian rain forests. 
On white, black or pastel off backgrounds, the Brazilian flora always looks 
great and flirty both on swimwear and clothes: the most important rule is to avoid the total “green” look and to do not exceed the recommended doses: keep it simple! Floral prints must be reserved to the swimsuit or one of the outfit cloth, optionally the short or the top. 
The floral motif can be replaced by more sober geometries declined in all shades of green as the “tidy lianas” in this customisable H&M bikini.

Accessories with tropical reminiscences are equally glitzy and shiny: feathers and rhinestones decorating sculpted and tanned samba dancers’ bodies during Carnival, can be daily re purposed with the not new "statement necklaces", bijoux necklaces wide as pectorals or jewelled cascades of multilayer chains, colourful acrylic decorations, stones and crystal-alike rhinestones, or friendship bracelets with cotton threads, pearls and beads, tassels. 
In this case, the basic concept is: the more, the better. So let’s go with arm candies, overloaded wrists. 

Brazil, Brazil inspired fashion, samba dancers, Carnival inspred, accessories, shiny crystals, statement necklaces, summer fashion, Rio de Janeiro architecture colours

The beauty of this Brazil-inspired style is all that glitz, the joy, the ease and great freedom. 
When the Olympics will be officially over and summer will be just a nice memory, what we’ll have is saudade and, for sure, many pieces that can be reused ad freshen up next summer. 
Nothing gets wasted in fashion!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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