Monday, 11 July 2016

Healthy breaks: 5 fruits-based afternoon breaks. Not the average fruit salads!

A bit more than one month, 5 different afternoon Sunday breaks! 
What I'm going to show you are some extremely fresh, healthy and rich in taste, vitamins and colours dishes! No, they aren't the typical fruit salads we all know but a quite complete meals that will nourish our body and skin, while filling our tummy.
Five easy recipes prepared with fresh fruits and yogurt, fancy a bowl? Help yourself, pick your favourite one!

Adding seasonal fruits to our daily diet is the ultimate good habit we can adopt ever, why? Everything offered at the moment by Mother Nature has grown up by following the right light and climate conditions, thus it hasn't needed extra care or human actions involving harsh chemicals. 
Seasonal fruits grow "naturally" and will result juicer, tastier and with a higher amount of nutrients, meaning vitamins, like vitamin A and C, and minerals. 
Each and every recipe in this post is a mix of fruits, for about 250 grams, and a small jar of plain yogurt (ca 125 grams), but you're free to use any other yogurt to follow your taste or necessities: indeed you can try Greek yogurt as well as soja yogurt which is easier to digest. 

Break #1 is cheerfully colourful: it's orange! There are a couple slices of melon, 1 banana, 1 nectarine and some apple wedges. Even if there's some banana, this rich "faux fruit salad" is very juicy.

Second Sunday afternoon snack was a real discovery: at first, I wanted to keep it secret, then I've changed my mind and I told everyone how good are pears with cinnamon. 

Cinnamon, the winter spice for excellence, is typically combined with apples, but even pears, like those small and sweet tosca, taste greatly with a pinch of cinnamon and, in this unusual flavour meeting, they meet loquats. 
Everything has been submerged by a shower of fresh plain yogurt and a generous dusting of spice... its flavour is very rustic.

The third fruity break is a variation from n°1 recipe, without melon and apples, but with peaches, apricots and nectarines.

The healthy idea #4 is a white vortex, a white tornado! All around my yogurt there's a handful of cherries, 1 banana and 1 diced peacherine... 

Peacherines and cherries, the last ones from the season, give this break extra freshness, while cherry juice makes yogurt more colour once stirred...

Bowl, well plate, #5 has kiwis, a concorde pear and a couple of white plums. Plums are at the centre of the plate, while pear wedges and kiwi slices form the beams of my compass.
I literally played like a kid and, for this design, I've been inspired by the illustration of Pompeii archaeological park new site map. 

I think this is one of the most interesting ingredient combination for its flavours and the crunchiness of the pear, plus it's really fun to compose.

In the making of these fresh fruits and yogurt-based afternoon snacks, fruit colours bring happiness and make one want to prepare something new and surprising week after week. 
Mixing everything up and sticking the spoon into the bowl is a real sin and a real delight at the same time, all in the name of our health!
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Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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