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Avon - Advance Techniques Sphere Brush (review and video tutorial)

A microphone? You're getting colder... no, you're getting warmer: we all played with it in this way...
I introduce you Avon Advance Techniques Sphere Brush, a hair styling tool with a fun and unusual shape that might leave people wondering. This brush adds volume, does hair-set and, most of all, creates natural-looking waves.

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Avon’s Sphere Brush is a lightweight and easy to handle hair tool, which weighs just around 80 grams and it's about 24 cm long; it has an anatomical and non-slippery handle.
It’s black with fuchsia details and its material has a velvety texture. 
This brush has nylon bristles and its head is perforated allowing hot and cold air to pass through. 

Avon, Advance Techniques, sphere brush, review, curly hair, styling tools, weird beauty products

Using it isn’t a hard task as it sounds: just divide your hair into sections and roll the strands around themselves.
Hold your locks with the head of the brush, keep rolling and pull the hair down while directing the hairdryer blow toward your mane. The following video will help you further: 

Once dry, gently “split” your strands with your hands or a flat, double-ended comb, then backcomb your roots to add more volume. 
Avon’s Sphere Brush works wonderfully with straight hair, both thin and thick types, on medium and medium-long lenghts. 
My advice? Finish your styling with a few drops of Avon Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil leave-in-treatment: my favourite Avon hair product.
This rich but light oil instantly gives shine to the hair which will look visibly hydrated and smoother to the touch afterwards. 

Tips shiny hydrated hair Avon Advance Techniques adding volume

There are many spherical brushes... what’s better? Splurging or saving?

Splurge vs Save, sphere brushes, Markhill, Avon, The Twirler, Japan Lucky Trendy 3D Bomb Curl Brush, save

it creates soft and natural-looking waves,
it’s lightweight but sturdy,
it’s easy to handle,
it’s non-slippery,
it’s easy to use,
it transforms super straight hair,
it has a great value for money

it takes space in your beauty case (not travel-friendly)

Avon Sphere Brush completes the Advance Techniques styling brush and tool range and can be purchased through your local Avon lady or online; its price varies depending on your country and available campaign offers.
In EU it costs around 7€ on offer, while regularly is 14€; in the UK Avon Advance Techniques Sphere Brush is 7.50£, 4.99£ on sale.
I do recommend it in case of thin, shapeless or hard to style hair; if you’re looking for a natural effect that’s quick to achieve and if you want to avoid high heat.
By holding your Avon Advance Techniques Sphere Brush you could play and sing like the little girl in you wants or have a hair make over!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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