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Lush Cosmetics celebrates moms with its new limited edition flowery bath and body products

The latest line of limited edition bath and body products created by Lush Cosmetics for Mother's Day reminds and pays homage to this female figure in its scents and sensory experiences: sweet and gentle, delicate and enveloping as mothers and their hugs are.

Composed of bubble bars, soaps and shower creams, this new limited edition collection stands out for its sweet notes of roses and tonka, its energizing and stimulating one from the Brazilian oranges and peppermint; for surprises which dissolve in water and a good twist for our skin: hydration! As already seen with last year Lush Cosmetics 2015 Halloween launches, the new products created by Lush leave the skin supple and soft right after a bath or a shower, thanks to highly nutritious ingredients with pleasantly humectant after feel such as tofu, cocoa butter and murumù butter. 
This is the same idea behind those 2 in 1 shower body products for an instant moisture but in a vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly version, thanks to the few packaging used by Lush and the natural ingredients. 

Inside the hidden room, Lush Naples shop’s "party room", on a top of a wooden table giant ladybugs, as big as the palm of a hand, and large tea bags were nicely displayed: these are the new bubble bars called Ladybug and Bath Dunk. Ladybug is a sympathetic ladybug with geranium and peppermint essential oils, its scent is sweet and floral, at the same time refreshing and slightly invigorating.
It may recall a mint or a sweet minty gum to your mind and, once crumbled in the bathtub, it creates red and white foam. 

Bath Dunk is a reusable bubble bar, which can be "dipped" into your bathtub several times, by holding it from its string, just like a real tea bag. 
It melts slowly, then it opens up and releases real cornflower petals and glitter powder, while the scent of neroli and jasmine, a very summery air, expands in your bathroom.
The water turns white and smooth, because its key ingredients are dried petals and glycerin to make “your stay” a very relaxing and moisturizing bath. It’s a fun product for its use, with a smart concept behind! 

The other products completing Lush Mother’s day limited edition line are: Rose Bombshell, a bath bomb with Damask rose and Sicilian lemons essential oils and yellow rose petals; Yummy Mummy shower cream and Sunrise solid soap. 
Yummy Mummy is a purple shower cream with a sweet and citrusy mix, thanks to the delicious bean tonka and Brazilian oranges for a morning sprint. 
It minds me of Lord of Misrule shower cream because it contains white glitter and for its hydrating effect, but Yummy Mummy is mouth-watering: indeed the moisturizing ingredient is fair trade cocoa butter! 

Sunrise is a soap for a roaring awakening: a colorful loaf enriched with orange glittery dust. 
The shades are magmatic, the scent is explosive: a wave of clementines, bergamot and Sicilian lemons. Organic tofu and exotic murumù butter deeply moist the skin for a long time!
When one washes one’s hands, will clearly see these ingredients floating in the water, it’s Sunrise’s hidden secret! 

In order to celebrate mothers around the globe, Lush has created various ready-to-give gifts, for every and each mother and type budgets, like Love your Mom, Ladybug, Thanks, Just for Mom, Mom and, the amazing, Flower Power! 

This gift is tin box, a true treasure of bath, body and “soul” products, and its contents vary depending on the country but Flower Power is always the most colourful and attractive one in its poppy decoration; it’s cherry on the top because it turns into a flower pot with seeds already included! 

There’s plenty of reasons to pamper our moms and so many different ways to make them happy: a fun and eco-friendly home spa with one or more Lush products is an idea that keeps away the bad mood!
Check the new bath and body limited edition products at your Lush local site or your closest Lush shop.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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