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Latest trends: 2016 hottest Instagram beauty trends

What are the hottest 2016 beauty trends? You don’t need to search that far, the answer is at your fingertip! Indeed Instagram is the quickest source for inspiration and latest hypes; it’s a powerful media where everything has the potential to go viral, so beauty trends do there.
The top 2016 beauty trends dictated by Instagram, or better, Instagram beauty addicted, bloggers, vloggers and celebrities of many kinds have all something in common...

Instagram, 2016 beauty trends

Think about the new Instagram logo: it’s colourful and playful, this is what you can expect for the coming 2016 months!
From last year we’ve inherited some dominant make-up trends and techniques like contouring and strobing.
These tricks aren’t make-up artists’ secrets anymore but tools to reshape, correct and emphasize face features everyone can try. If you think we have to thank Kim Kardashian for contouring, remember that "Making Faces", Auchoin’s make-up Bible, explains it perfectly and this isn’t a new handbook! 

Strobing sounds like a pun, it’s basically a contouring played just with lights, that is the usage of reflecting highlighters, while the rest of the face stays matte... but contouring has also some weird variations, from 2015 arrived and is still trending the “clown contouring” as seen by vlogger Belle De Lune who paints her face with cream concealers exactly like a clown face with some poo emojies here and there too. Why on earth??
Then flower contouring and neck contouring like a Japanese geisha, just in case you don’t like that very standing portion of your skin! 
Baking contouring, stolen from drag queens' make-up, is very popular among girls and guys and need no extra explanation. 
Nothing disturbing so far, till we find the “waist training” trend.
Kim K, again, along with Kylie Jenner are waist trainers fans, corsets that are thought to improve the posture, reshape the waistline, help weight lose process and stimulate abdomen muscles.
Rossella O'Hara would approve it to gain her extra thin waist, but in the new millennium we know that the more we tight and squeeze, the more dangerous it becomes!

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Hair? Selena Gomes, followed by Instagram users, tempts you with the “hun”, half pony tail and half bun, while hair stylist Janine Ker suggests hair stenciling! Here things get very strange, I dare you to try these beauty and hair trends: space buns and glitter roots, shiny and multicoloured freckles, rainbow eyebrows, diy unicorn highlighters, glittery tears.
Exactly, these 2016 beauty style guides share something peculiar: sparkles mixed with all the spectrum of the rainbow.
Would you wear a cascade of glitters on you face? I would do it just for fun, for a picture, but I’m a good blogger and I'm going to save two trends so far for daily use: “bubble eyeliner” by MUA Jerry Gonzales, for all of us who has trouble in drawing a smooth and decent flick and “bracelet nails”, 3D manicure mimicking friendship bracelets with bright strings and appliques, launched by Eun Kyung, founder of Unistella Nail Salon in Korea.
I have the slight hunch 2016 will be the year of excesses...

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


  1. Lovely this.

    Just followed.

  2. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  3. Great post, so many make up talents on instagram . I follow a few of them . Thanks for sharing .

    1. I do exactly the same, I love how immediate Instagram is for discovering MUAs and artists'works ;-)

  4. These trends are fun, you know a way of showing creativity. I would do it to but just for picture ha ha

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    1. Imagine, walking around with unicorn eyebrows or glittery underarms XD hahah

  5. loved the picture collage....


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