Monday, 9 May 2016

A little Avon haul: my Avon daily care essentials. Bath, skin care and hair products from spring campaigns

From head to toes, I’m papering myself with my latest Avon Cosmetics haul done during its spring campaigns. 
My purchases consist of body and hair daily products; some are my real essentials, others are among my absolute favourites, finally, there are some new launches and new discoveries.

Among the products I’m constantly re buying and I can left at home when travelling, you can see Avon On Duty 48h women’s Invisible Protection roll-on Anti-perspirant deodorant and the famous Lavender Bubble Bath bath foam. This shower gel is one of Avon evergreen along with Soft Pink, which is geranium-scented; it’s extremely relaxing and in my honest opinion, who isn’t a real fan of lavender products, like me, could easily use it because this Bubble Bath has a light scent and doens’t contain lavender extract or oil, thus it isn’t overwhelming at all.
Among my other favourites here are Avon Nail Experts Pearl Shine, a fortifying nail treatment with vitamins which looks sleek as a natural pearly rose nail polish but strengthens the nails and acts like a base coat; and Avon Advance Techniques 360° Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Leave-in treatment with Argan oil.

For my skin care routine I'm using, as usual, a 3-in-1 Avon Care Cleansing Lotion, cleanser, toner and moisturiser with aloe and ginger in its renewed formula; then I finally opted for the new Avon Care Pink Jasmine 
hand cream with jasmine scent. It’s a not oily cream for nails, hands and cuticles with vitamins E and glycerin and with a very light fragrance.
My new entries are the Advance Techniques dry shampoo, one of newest products from Avon, and Avon Foot Works beautiful pomegranate and chocolate relaxing soak, which turns out to have a surprisingly delicious aroma.

With the exception of the dry shampoo and the foot soak, I use these Avon products every single day and I highly recommend the Nail Experts Pearl Shine, because it dries quickly and can be unexpectedly used in three different ways; the leave-in treatment with Argan oil, because it makes even the most damaged hair super soft and shiny; and Avon Care Pink Jasmine hand cream.
Do you also have a trusted Avon product always in your beauty case, something you can’t live and leave without? I’d love to know!

In the meantime, you can check my favourite Avon products on line at your local Avon site!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


  1. My mom used to sell Avon. I don't miss those days when I was younger. She'd often make me go with her as she drove around and toss books in people's yards.

    1. Uh, what a weird selling technique, Adam XD
      I understand you, anyway... my mom was a rep, but not an Avon Lady, and she often brang me with her. How many car trips!!!
      Thank you and have a nice weekend

  2. Love your haul, mix of everything : Have fun using these

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    1. Yep, all useful and daily things... a lot of products of this kind I'm using comes from Avon and I must confess it's hard to find something really wrong with them ;-) Do you have a favourite from this brand?


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