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Avon Cosmetics Spring/Summer 2016 new launches from Nutra Effects skin care, Color Trend make-up, Naturals bath products and more...

Between spring and summer, Avon has launched many new, deliciously scented ad colourful products as well as some returns: what I’m showing here represents just a small bunch of as every country as different launching time, products, offers and catalogues. 
Here, in Western Europe, we are celebrating a special anniversary: Avon Nutra Effects skincare turns 1 year old!!!

Nutra Effects marked a real revolution for the American brand Avon Cosmetics: these skin care lines are the first to be hypoallergenic and completely paraben-free, characteristics making each line suitable for even the most delicate and sensitive skin. 
Nutra Effects includes everything one needs to take care of its face with proper products from detergents and toner to face and eye contour creams and BB creams in two different finishes.
Each Nutra Effects range is based on the properties of one or more types of seeds: chia seeds, extremely rich in nutrients and well known for their ability to absorb up to 12% of their weight in water, are the key ingredients of the BB cream and Nutra Effects Hydration, for dry skin, and Balance for combination skin; sterlitzia seeds are able to improve tissues’ tone and brightness and are at the base of my current skin care program, Nutra Effcts Radiance for stressed and dull skin; finally, pomegranate seeds, rich in antioxidants, make Nutra Effects Ageless and Ageless Results effective in treating the first signs of ageing and the older wrinkles. 
In occasion of this celebration, Avon has added a new piece to these: its first micellar water, a liquid make-up remover, similar to water, that attracts make-up residues like a magnet and is very mild even with the more delicate skin with irritating or drying it up.

For every woman her iconic dress: Avon has brought back its famous "Little Black Dress" with two new entries, a bold red and a seductive black lace dress. It’s not about clothing and fashion but about scents.
Little Black Dress is a floral and oriental (warm and slightly spicy) eau de parfum with classical notes of honeysuckle and ylang ylang; it’s the perfect soirĂ©e perfume but has a special touch that makes it great for young women too. Little Red Dress makes everyone turns and looking at you, an oriental eau de parfum but with fruity notes of jasmine and clementine warmed up by amber; finally Little Lace Dress, another floral and oriental eau de parfum that has definitely intrigued me with mandarin, currants and patchouli fragrances. 
Little Dress bottle design is simple and squared: elegant and minimal as an event garment should be; Little Lace Dress has a lace stamp over a smoky dark background on the back of the bottle that recreates the “see-through” effect of this fascinating and elaborated fabric.

An avalanche of new products for bath time and hair care flooded Avon HQ: Avon Naturals is growing with a passion fruit, grapefruit and a bomb of vitamins (a vitamin complex with vitamin B3, B5 and E) line studied for treated hair, while for the body, there are some exciting and innovative cleaning gels and the brand new Avon Naturals “Sensational” line with yogurt, pomegranate and red fruits; in my opinion, the most delicious new entry so far!
Other bath products are the Avon Senses Orchard shower gel with vitamins and notes of apple, juicy raspberry and cassis and, finally, Bubble Bath French Lilac.

Make-up launches are the Color Trend Carnival Collection that brings the colours and the joy of Brazilian festival to your face. Happy lipsticks, mascaras and eyeliners in vibrant tones like the "chopstick" eyeliner in Azure Blue that works as eyeliner or coloured blendable base.
The famous Glimmersticks have new shades for lips, both in timeless red tones and the new hit,“the nude trend” sported by Kylie Jenner: Nude, Mystery Mauve and Coral Desire , along with Coral and Peach Envy. 
From previous campaigns, Big & Multiplied mascara winks at clients with a volumizing but feathery light formula, which is able to create volume by “wrapping” each lashes, like a thin film, without weighing them down and without lumps thanks to the "smart slip technology" formula. 
The Gel Finish range has new colours with its five new shimmery nail polishes: Lavender Shimmer Sheer Shimmer, Pink Shimmer and Nude Shimmer, as seen in the photo, Berry Shimmer (raspberry) and Coral Shimmer (orange).

Let’s go to the beach! Don’t worry, Avon Sun + will protect the whole family from harmful sun rays, while hydrating, soothing and giving a golden complexion without going to sea. 
Each UV protection factor is indicated by a different colour on the label for a quick identification; while Avon Sun+ products have very hydrating formula that isn't greasy nor heavy; they also contain antioxidants and are water resistant.
Every year I use Avon Sun+ protections, at the beach or under the torrid sun while digging with my colleagues and I have never burnt once! You can guess, the “beauty archaeologist” recommends Avon sun care, especially the Avon Sun+ Multi Protection Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF50 and the Avon Sun+ Multi Protection Moisturising Face Lotion SPF30. 

From head to toe, Avon has everything: this is just a small appetiser, you’ll find the whole, rich buffet on line at your local Avon site.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


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