Monday, 11 April 2016

Do you "Adore" little French treasuries? Le flat lay photo de la parisienne...

It’s early morning: the first, shy sun rays visit you and you have to wake up. Nevertheless, I’m sure the hardest part for a girl is choosing what to wear that day... I look at my bed sheet with violet French flowers and I dream of immense lavender fields and then a jump to Paris
The adventurer left for a romantic and chic parisienne

"La mode domine les provinciales, mais les Parisiennes dominent la mode."
Julie ou la Nouvelle Héloïse, Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1761)

Elegant and delicate, when I feel in this way I use tiny bijoux and a matching Avon rouge à lèvres, absolutely a red lipstick! An iconic Lancôme eau de parfum and my simple, black flats.
Instead of a “
Petite Robe Noire”, I opt for a H&M cream-coloured dress with a voluminous neckline paired with velvety gray knee-high socks with gamine volants.
My secret weapon is underneath... a nude push up bra!

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Bonne chance et à bientôt, mes parisiennes!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


  1. Lovely post dear! Have a great day! xx

    1. Thanks, sweety... don't forget to join in!
      ;-) Good luck!


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