Saturday, 2 April 2016

Bedtime woman styles: violet lingerie or comfy pajamas?

Woman, what a strange creature: “she walks in beauty like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies” but... she changes her styles. Exactly, we love to change our style depending on: mood, occasion and place; depending on what we’re going to do and whom we’re going to meet.
Do you know how a woman changes her style at home, in her own bedroom? One, two, and three: here’s the transformation!

The modern woman is going to meet her beloved one, I’m sure she isn’t dressed to impress, but she is going to look at her best, to unveil her hidden goddess!
Violet isn’t the first choice when it comes lingerie, it isn’t neither too romantic nor too sweet; indeed it’s a peculiar tone, born from the union of passionate red and cold blue, it’s a mystic colour that spreads a sense of elegance and royalty. A woman choosing violet for her night wear is a sophisticated person who loves unique details and dreamy scenarios.
Violet looks great paired with black and lace: the woman who wears a lingerie like this Esprit baby doll and panty Janette is an empress. 
This woman doesn’t need a lot of accessories in this occasion: a thin necklace with a delicate pendant (a little star would match the fairy motif given by the violet colour) in order not to feel that naked; some room scent, with candles or infusers, to recreate a magical atmosphere and a personal lip colour.
I recommend a lip tint that last long like Berrisom Chu My Lip Tint Pack, a hydrating lip tint that doesn’t transfer here and there: Virgin Red, a pale red, is a great choice because it really gives the impression of a healthy face and “just-bitten” lips.
This woman has a signature scent like Avon Dreams, the brand new eau de parfum with plum and centiflora rose notes on a patchouli base. Like violet, it has a well balanced character, here between the sweet plum and decisive rose.

How has this woman arrived to look so confident in such an irresistible lingerie? The answer is: homemade spa.
When she is alone, the modern woman like to pamper herself, she relaxes and wears... comfortable but stylish pjs, warm cardigans and fluffy booties.
The spa session continues with manicure and face treatments, homemade or in squeezable tubes and sachets. My favourite ready-to-use face masks are from My 7th Heaven, especially soufflé and sauna masks that purify, tone and ease tensions thanks to self-warmth.
Bed time? She probably uses an aromatherapy mist like Planet Spa Sleep Serenity pillow mist with chamomile and lavender to help find peace and relax before sleeping. 
I used both this spray and the balm and both work!
Peace and self-confidence are achieved through wellness and personal care, no secrets!
The modern woman knows well how to stay in her reign and how to look always on point even in her bedroom!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

She walks in beauty, Lord Byron (1813)


  1. Lovely pics dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  2. As a man, I think you know what I'd prefer women to wear to bed

    1. hahah well, typical! But undoubtely with a pj at least we can sleep comfortably and warm :)
      Thanks for stopping by!!!

  3. Amazing post and I love the set No.1,so gorgeous set.
    Hope you had a great weekend.Kisses xox

    1. Then Kintan, you're a royal figure. What colour would you wear?

  4. Mah, io sono a periodo! Certe volte mi va di mettere pigiami particolari e anche sexy ma il più delle volte sono così stanca che vado a dormire seguendo la seconda categoria!!!
    Un bacio,

    1. Ah Annamaria, ti capisco! La verità è che son pigra e, al momento, non ho occasione per indossare completini o pigiami sensuali... non so se esclamare "per fortuna" o "peccato!" :D


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