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Avon - Anew Vitale 25+ eye gel cream, review

It’s part of my daily skin care routine and it has been in it for so many years, that it’s one of my favourite Avon products: it’s the Avon Anew Vitale 25+ eye gel cream or what I can sum up as an exceptional find and a salvation, especially after all the hours spent in front of a screen studying and working.This eye treatment is for those girls and young women who want to “wake up tired looking eyes and look refreshed and well rested all day”, in fact the formulation of this product promises to "help fight signs of stress and fatigue and energize skin". 
Is it true? Well, if I’m still using this eye cream, there would be one or more reasons!

This eye treatment is part of the Anew Vitale line, Avon’s skin care range dedicated to girls in their twenties, approximately, but not absolutely, 25-year-old or older girls.
The Avon Anew Vitale 25+ eye gel cream has been studied to strengthen young people’s skin structure which is particularly under stress attack and thus shows already first damages or signs of ageing, while repairing the skin, this treatment aims to give a new burst of energy. 
The skin concerns addressed by the Anew Vitale 25+ line are fatigue, dullness, lack of moisture and first fine lines; while among the expected results there are reduction of puffiness, dark circles and fine lines appearance and hydration increase. It’s extremely promising, no doubt.
The Anew Vitale eye gel cream has a very light texture; it looks like a pearly, fluid cream, but it’s delicate on the skin as a gel. Half cream, half gel: in my humble opinion, this fact makes the Anew Vitale 25+ eye treatment extremely easy to apply, indeed it isn’t sticky as most gel products usually are, but it dries much more quickly than a traditional cream.
Just after the application, I find it gives a pleasant freshness feeling, but it isn’t properly a “cooling effect” treatment, typical of roll-on products.
It has to be gently applied to the upper and lower lids and where the fine lines are, twice a day, morning and evening. I’m using the Anew Vitale 25+ eye gel cream every single day and I think it’s very comfortable to use, it dries quickly and leaves my skin hydrated and smooth immediately.
This treatment is the perfect product to prepare the eye area to receive some make-up, indeed any make-up product seems to spread flawlessly and effortlessly on the skin if previously treated with this gel-cream.
After the first use, I noticed a big difference and, after a good night of sleep, I found my skin supple and soft to the touch.
After 5-7 days the fine lines were less visible, this is a goal achieved thanks to the extra moisture and lock of hydration.
The Avon Anew Vitale 25+ eye gel cream makes the delicate under eye area skin more radiant, though it doesn’t instantly lighten up dark circles; while the puffiness is reduced.
As for dark circles, puffy eyes don’t go down in a snap, because this product isn’t a roll-on treatment.

I tested the Avon Anew Vitale 25+ eye gel cream during a long session of on line courses, which literally translates into hours and hours spent in front of the screen. 
The result? In the morning my eyes appeared much more rested and the skin all around them less red and swollen.
I believe these results are due, in part, to the optical effect recreated by the pearly finish; while the hydration has something spectacular: it’s real.

it restores skin hydration,
it has a light texture,
it dries quickly,
it’s non-sticky,
it’s non-greasy,
it doesn’t irritate the skin,
it’s hypoallergenic,
it improves skin elasticity,
it prevents dark circles and puffiness,
it preps the skin for make-up,
it reduces puffy eyes,
it’s hygienic,
it has a great value for money

it doesn’t lightens dark circles quickly

For the Avon Anew Vitale 25+ eye gel cream there’s a long list of pros, while the only flaw can’t even be defined as such, since no product can compensate for a lack of quality sleep.
In addition, the "freshness" sensation doesn’t refer specifically to the pleasant thrill that one might expect.
A positive feature in this Avon eye treatment is its smart packaging making it hygienic and handy. Its tube avoids a direct contact with the product and saves space in any beauty case.
It’s a travel-friendly skin care item! 15 ml of treatment at a regular price of 16 £ in the UK, around 19€ in European countries or 26$ in the US can’t be missed, despite I always recommend to take a look at the catalogue in order to save with an offer.
The Avon Anew Vitale 25+ eye gel cream can be bough both on line and through Avon websites, thus you can select and check your local Avon site to discover how to buy it, the availableoffers and the Avon lady closest to you.
Recommended? No! It’s highly approved by the "beauty archaeologist".

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


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  3. Mia mamma usava il siero della linea Anew 40+ e lo adorava. A questo punto mi chiedo se tutta la linea di così buona, proverei volentieri la crema occhi nella versione 30+!

    1. Ciao Simona! La Anew Reversalist è un'ottima linea, le clienti si sono trovate bene e ricordo la crema riempitiva compatta... era geniale!
      Credo che, appena finirò il tubetto, ne comprerò un altro perché funziona alla grande! ;-)
      Buon fine settimana!!!


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