Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Beauty, body care, perfumes and accessories in yellow for women's day and all year around!

Yellow tinges the whole world every year on March 8th, International Women's Day, and it's such a positive shade for this celebration: indeed it's the colour of the sun, the one recalling movement, lightness and optimism.
Yellow is pure energy, how to introduce a healthy dose of yellow in our beauty routine and our own style?
A sparkling and highly energetic selection, which will put you in a cheerful mood, is waiting for you! You will undoubtedly find your perfect shade of yellow or way to "bring the yellow" always with you.

The flower associated with women is mimosa, soft yellow "pom poms" with a striking, pungent scent, perhaps too overwhelming.
A fragrance leaves a mark, but mimosa hasn't a very pleasant aroma on its own; well, put them aside for a while and let's go looking for "cozy" and frizzy 
scents with sparkling notes of citruses and the warmth of honey.
For cleansing, foamy bubbles and deep hydration I recommend: L'Occitane Trio Shea Butter and Vanilla Trio, an essential kit containing a hand cream, a lip balm and a body lotion, with all the moisturising power of fair-trade Shea butter from Burkina Faso, in a yellow fabric bag with zip; or 
Aquolina Royal kit with bath cream, body cream and small scented body water and its young and bright notes of orange and bergamot, combined with sweet almond.
For lips seeking hydration and relief: Burt's bees beeswax lip balm, a lip balm with coconut oil, sunflower oil and the unmissable bee's wax, flavoured with a pinch of peppermint oil, to refresh and tease the girls' senses and lips.
A jar tin with a vintage 
 "taste", a collectable item for all beauty-holic and ready to be reused.

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A sunny fragrance to make you stand out from the crowd and enhance your good mood? 
Here I'm presenting two positive perfumes for the youngest and the elders: Honey by Marc Jacobs, original and handmade in shape for a peculiar notes combination. An artisans' work, a blown glass globe with yellow and black transformer butterflies and decorative pearl beads for a fresh and fruity eau de parfum. Notes of pear and tangerine are followed by orange blossoms and warm honey, all enriched with a woody base
Avon Luck is a feminine fragrance that, as a small and precious gift, is packed in a quilted box topped with a golden bow. Avon Luck eau de parfum is a "bright" scent featuring bergamot, red berries and mandarin, white flowers and sandalwood
The light scarf is the piece that accompanies every small and great woman's life. Lightweight and versatile, it can be used day or night, during all 4 season; this Mango printed foulard puts together two opposite colours for a balanced chromatic effect that's slightly cold, but still happy
Yellow on your nails? If you aren't that sure about yellow, you could dare with carelessness with China Glaze "Girls Just Wanna Have Sun", a light pastel tone of yellow with crème finish that reminds of... a vanilla pudding or, for the bravest ones, Deborah gel effect nail polish in shade #68, one of the newest colours for spring 2016. This is the deepest yellow you can imagine with a high-shine touch. 
Would you dare yellow on your eyes? Lush Lifted, a creamy eyeshadow from the Emotional Brilliance line, will donate you a sunny ray with all the delicacy of a natural formula, with almond and jojoba oils and rose petals infusion. 
Yellow? It's not a big issue! A shade like this one, although so intense and lively, can be used during the day, nearly every day. 
According to the psychology of colours, yellow is the colour for those aiming high, for inner growth, looking for a step forward in employment or emotional life. 
Bring yellow always with you to remember the joy hidden in small things and the force hidden behind every woman by choosing a solar scent like citrus or warm as honey, an irreverent nail polish, a vanilla cuddle for your body, a joyful accessory like a meadow of daisies...

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


  1. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

    1. Thank you so much!
      I'm glad you liked this splash of yellow :D

  2. I see we have similar taste, I use a lot of these products. I love the marc jacos daisy line but the only one I use is the Eau So Fresh. I swear by that perfume and I use it daily. Burt's bees wax has been a long time fav of mine as well. Awesome post, I really like how informative you were. Initially what caught my attention was the image. Love it!

    Only The Brave Blog

    1. Hi Dominique!
      That's so nice to read it!:)
      Do you also use L'Occitane hand creams? If not, let me tell you they are worthy products and do miracles with cracked, highly dehydrated skin.
      Thank you very much for the appreciation and your visit!
      See you soon on the net, here and there through the media.

  3. Amazing!!

    xoxo ♥

    Jéssica || Fashion Jacket


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