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Walk with me: two surprising shop-windows in via Mezzocannone, Naples (Boutique Boudoir and Alastor Napoli)

Via Mezzocannone: Neapolitan students are very familiar with this central street with such a fun and liberal name, almost a pun since “mezzo” stands for “half”, while “cannone” might also mean “joint”!
This street is full of very special shop-windows and two of them had caught my attention so much, during one of my latest Neapolitan trip, that they deserve to be shared: they’re from Boudoir Boutique and Alastor Napoli. A couple at odds!

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Before beginning this short tour, I have to introduce all my virtual tourists by explaining where via Mezzocannone is. It’s a central road that, from Corso Umberto I and starting from the intersection next to the University "Federico II" HQ, sinuously goes up to Piazza San Domenico and Via Benedetto Croce.
What will you find here that’s so unique? This is the street of humanistic students, thus one would expect to see literary cafés, obliged meeting places, and book stores: and it’s so.
I must warn you that here the pathways aren’t clean at all, but it’s worth a walk as well as some time spent sifting through bookshops’ external displays, in search for some old editorial outputs and all kinds of book. The stalls are few, because Port'Alba is the true destination for bookworms.
The fashion shops are the highlights of this road, where the keyword is eclecticism!
Colourful fashion pieces with a story behind them peek between second-hand stores and shops with sartorial and/or vintage style.

What do you see in that window?
Rainbow squirrels and bunnies, winking at Cracking Art’s creations and installation, and unusual mannequins. One finds Boudoir Boutique  at 93 and I ensure that panda, giraffe and tiger haven’t been forced to "work" in this lovely shop.Le Boudoir is a sophisticated “jewelry box” with unique fashion items characterised by a British and retro twist. A must see place, for sure.It peeps on Facebook with its updates... windows are changing, new products and a new air are coming!

creativity, shop-windows, boutique, Naples, via Mezzocannone, fashion boutique, Boudoir Boutique

He stares at unsuspecting passers with a mean and enigmatic smile, he’s a taller than natural, very realistic, Joker (the one played by Heath Ledger) statue. 
He’s a permanent presence at the comic shop Alastor Napoli windows, a spot for all Marvel fans and for those who have to make a gift to geek friends. 
I visited it following my deep curiosity, since I'm not really passionate about comics, if I exclude Hugo Pratt and his Corto Maltese, Asterix and a newborn infatuation for mangas I want to "study”. Alastor is a two-floor shop, of which the lower one can be glimpsed from the ground level through a transparent panel. Something erupts from the ceiling, looming ominously on customers’ heads, while the shelves and showcases are filled with albums and gadgets. 
If you're a fan of "The Big Bang Theory" or "Games of Throne", you will surely find a new piece to add to your collection; as well as some T-shirts stolen from Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s closet. 
Undoubtedly, this isn’t a girl traditional paradise but, thanks to a gift purchased at Alastor, gals could make their boyfriends and friends happy.
In this small comic shop, one can expect a huge selection of official merchandising and a wide choice of western style comic; as well as tournaments and meetings with cartoonists and mangaka! 
creativity, shop-windows, comic shop, Alastir Napoli, Joker statue, Heath Ledger statue, Joker,  Naples, via Mezzocannone, Batman The Dark Knight

I felt like a fish out of water, but who cares... the journey always leads to exceptional and unexpected discoveries.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


  1. Great post dear and interesting article.
    Happy Easter weekend.Kisses xoxo

  2. Thank you very much, Kintan!
    So, you had a peak of Naples!!! ;-)

  3. very good! I think it is great to find out new places, even if they are not your kind of place

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