Thursday, 25 February 2016

Innovation: K-Lipstick, a lipstick? The original car scent with smart concept and sophisticated notes. From Mount Olympus with the DeLuxe line.

It looks like a lipstick but it isn’t, it will bring you joy and happy scents... What I’m talking about? It’s K-Lipstick. Apparently, it might be mistaken for a lipstick since they’re pretty similar, but K-Lipstick is the most creative air fresheners for cars I’ve ever seen in all my life.

I’m going to snob the old tiny bottles filled with hyper chemical essences and hanging deodorant, they’ve been now all outclassed; indeed K-Lipstick overcomes the old air freshener generation thanks to its particularities.

Imagine a car scent that is customisable, sophisticated, adaptable and discrete; add to these pro points its ease of use and unique variety of available fragrances and you’ll get a practical travel and travel-friendly companion that will follow you on the road every time and on any four-wheeled vehicle you’ll jump in.

When I was a little kid I loved Pollon, Apollo’s little daughter, from the famous manga, then anime, "Ochamegami Monogatari Korokoro Polon" by Hideo Azuma, so the first time I’ve seen and sniffed these car fresheners I’ve jumped for the joy, why?This is because this particular line of K-Lipstick featured in this post are inspired by the Olympic deities. The DeLuxe perfume line consists, in fact, of 5 essences each one with a well-defined personality characterised by a mix of olfactory notes; each scent bears the name of a god or a goddess coming from the Greek mythology and religion and easily suits male and female drivers’ taste:
Zeus, "the Boss", is a male fragrance from the oriental or Indian-oriental olfactory family.
It’s described as an oud, a scent with agarwood notes, a very expensive Arabic resin. This “oud of Mount Olympus” is a musky, resinous and warm scent that becomes well the gruff and thundering Zeus thanks to its intensity and fullness. It strikes like a lightning, although it doesn’t stun you while you’re travelling or driving. Nothing moves without the consent of the "father of the gods", so if you are a leader, you’ll most likely choose Zeus.
Poseidon, "the Rebel", is an aquatic and citrusy fragrance. It/He’s a breath of fresh Mediterranean air with sparkling notes of bergamot; it adapts to the freest spirits.
Demeter, "the Protector", is the incarnation of the Great Mother who gives generously fruits and goodness. She’s generous, but woe to challenge her! K-Lipstick imagines her as a cascade of red roses petals in spring. It’s a floral fragrance, very fresh and caressing, delicate but with character.
Ares, "the Warrior", is pure heat that’s hard to hold back, synthesised in a warm scent of sandalwood.
Aphrodite, "the Beautiful", bewitches with amber; it’s an oriental fragrance, intense and rich thanks to resinous notes of amber and musk, but with a feminine sweet and intoxicating touch.
She will warmly hug you.
The package of K-Lipstick is perhaps the element catching one’s eye: a pearl gray case, in lightweight plastic with a sleek pearly finish. It’s difficult not to confuse it with a lipstick, since it occupies little space and can be placed in the smallest pochette ever!
It can be customised with a brand logo, so that it becomes an original corporate gift or promotional material, in single box or cured gift set (you can see how these car scents come all wrapped in a black box and logo labels below): it’s a useful custom gadget that will be appreciated at commercial fairs and events.

K-Lipstick perfumes adapt to any situation, taste and car: once "uncorked", in fact, a K-Lipstick fits effortlessly into the car's ventilation nozzle and comes off easily after use, thanks to its to "clothes-peg-shaped" applicator. This special applicator design makes it easy K-Lipstick use and removal, which can be interchanged with another K-Lipstick and used in another vehicle.
The “save-aroma” cap will keep the fragrance intact for a long time, after every single use, avoiding waste.
The K-Lipstick won’t dry out, once stored in its case!

K-Lipstick wants to know "which God I am." Who am I? I’m Demeter, "The Protector", the one who "in the hands holding sheaves of wheat and poppies".
Her nature is reflected by blooming spring red roses notes but this scent is by no means trivial and doesn’t remember the usual synthetic rose perfume. It’s tightly connected to the earth and its fruits but ethereal at the same time.
Zeus also grabbed my attention, at least the one from my "masculine" side!

The neo "beauty-archaeologist" approves K-Lipstick and the reasons are various.
The study behind the project and the well-designed packaging that make K-Lipstick car fresheners easy to use and waste proof; the product creativity that makes it unique and, above all, the fragrances that are able to reflect all the personalities of those travelling or driving.
No matter if you are driving to your campus in the city streets under the watchful eye of father Zeus; zig-zagging between dusty roads towards an isolated excavation field with the protection of Ares or Demeter or following the snaking Mediterranean coast in Poseidon company.
K-Lipstick is the latest frontier of car perfumes that actually describes people, it’s a modern yet epical idea.
You can discover the world of K-Lipstick perfumes on Facebook and Instagram and choose the scent that best represents you and even create your own original gift at

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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