Friday, 15 January 2016

LUSH Valentine's day 2016: bath and body and lip products for cruelty-free sweethearts

For Valentine's day 2016 Lush spreads some love around the globe with pink and sweet-scented bath and body and lip products.
Are you dreaming of la vie en rose?

Lush Cosmetics is coming back this Valentine's day with new products and some old favourites.
The new buddies are Lover Lamp, a hydrating bath bomb with a twist of orange and chocolate aromas, enriched with melting cocoa butter hearts, and Roses All The Way, a rose-shaped, creamy solid soap with Rosa Damascena soft scent.

Welcome back Prince Charming and Unicorn Horn! Prince Charming is the shower cream that cleanses and add moisture thanks to vanilla pot infusion and cocoa butter, everyone will love its grapefruit scent!
Unicorn Horn is a magical bubble bar that transforms your bath tub in a sparkly rose quiet lake... a relaxing place to stay thanks to its neroli and lavender mix.

Lush has prepared your gifts for your Valentine: with a furoshiki for DIY presents (it's Kiss a Few Frogs) and 5 different wrapped gifts with bath and shower product combinations.

They are for all pockets but each one will surprise: ?, Love and Kisses, In Your Dreams, Two Hearts and Lots of Love.

Kiss all year long with these two Valentine's day coordinated lip products:
The Kiss lip scrub, an exfoliating and hydrating treatment with sea salt, caster sugar, cocoa butter and mandarin oil as fragrance; and The Kiss lip gloss, a stick that gives moisture to the lips with karité butter and  extra shine with agave syrup.

Give some love, receive some; anyway Lush will help you say "I love you".
You can already find Valentine's day limited edition products on line and at Lush stores! Take a look at your local Lush site to see prices and wrapped gifts' contents (that may vary).

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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