Wednesday, 20 January 2016

10 mind and beauty resolutions for 2016

A new year means new possibilities, new projects and desire for changing. 
I think January is the perfect moment, after all those holiday crazy celebrations, to write down a list of resolutions and follow them religiously in order to feel and look beautiful inside and out... and go back on track, the right track!

Firstly, let’s set some goals involving our mind, body and skin, because we know exactly what we’ve done during the previous year and we can improve the situation!
Bad habits? We can kick them off, starting from our own way of thinking:

Be thankful: “Thank you” aren’t two simple words or a mere but polite sentence. 
Every little gesture or kind speech from people have to be properly thanked with a thank you, a smile or another good action. Nothing is sure in life and gentle actions are rare. By being thankful, we’ll understand the importance of daily and not material things and we’ll be able to establish connections and relationships based on positivity.

Be kind: we often have bad days or blue periods, it’s not good to throw negativity on other people or relatives, because negativity is contagious and put us into an aggressive mode.
Think and breathe deeply before acting: let’s oxygenate our brain and think twice before doing anything because wrong actions can’t be wiped out.
Don’t be lazy: it’s ok to wait and think before starting something new but we can’t wait to much. Procrastination is one of those bad habits to be erased, because it brings to the loss of great working and life opportunity.

Now that we’re in a proactive mood, let’s move onto the esthetically side of our beauty resolution list:

5 Let’s start or continue a working beauty regime: if we’ve found the right skincare routine, let’s keep it and see our results coming and skin health improving, if we’ve been too lazy or not that constant, let’s start right now with these basic steps: cleansing, toning, exfoliating, hydrating... each day and night. Same goes to our body with weekly exfoliation and daily hydration!
Do you know how to recognize your skin type in order to find skincare products right for you?
Here's how!

6 Lip balm everywhere: let’s keep a lip balm with SPF in every bag or pochette, so we can apply it on the go, if we feel the need.
Declutter our bathroom closet or make-up bag: let’s throw away aged stuff in order to avoid using possibly expired products. Thanks to decluttering we’ll also find new space for new products or re find things we’ve forgotten but are still good or can be used in other ways!

8 Let’s always apply a SPF protection: even if we’re not going to tan or stay outside for long time, because sun rays overstep the cloud barrier, causing premature ageing.
Do it yourself our beauty products: there are basic beauty items and treatments we can replicate at home at lower or close-to-zero costs.
Indeed we can DIY our lip balm or lip/face/body scrub with edible ingredients we find in our kitchen or by using daily things (a toothbrush becomes an inexpensive but effective lip scrub tool). Follow the blog for my upcoming experiments!

10 Let’s try new things! New techniques, new hair styles, new make-up looks, new exercises and let’s master them. We could use some spare time to try a new up do, experiment a new make-up trend, practise a new sport or asana. The base of this “beauty resolution” is curiosity that brings to new skills and pull out from our comfort zone. Let’s satisfy our curiosity in every aspect of our life for a 2016 full of experiences and personal growth.

“Mens sana in corpore sano”, Latins said
, but the reverse situation is right too!
Let’s start by focusing on our mind because if we clear it, we’ll live with less stress and less stress means less wrinkles, right?
I’m not just joking. We have a great potential to start great habits, find and show the best part of our personality and unique beauty.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

Pictures source: Kaboompics + Picography

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