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How to: style a dress to impress on New Year's Eve with 10 make-up and fashion tricks

It’s time to party all night long on New Year’s Eve! In order to welcome 2016 the right and glamorous way, I’m going to help you styling you up with a party look idea and 10 tips and tricks for a long-lasting make-up.
Start by decoding the dress code: is it a formal, informal or a themed event? 
For this festive post I’m going to start by restyling a Prom Dress, because you can reuse a prom garment with ease if it’s short! 
Mostly, NYE party looks are chic but it’s really easy to exaggerate and go too far, thus looking contrived. Here are my tips:

1 Yes to dark colours: darker tones are a nice choice for evening events but, in case of a night party, it’s better to avoid black and opt for a navy blue. 
Blue with blue, blue with silver: when you’re wearing a blue dress and you need something to cover it or a central matching accessory, use a shade of blue that’s as close as the dress shade and, anyway, remember that blue and black are the worst combination ever!
The metallic tone that looks better with blue is silver, this combination represents a more delicate and younger version of the bold black and gold.
2 Prep and prime: prepare and create a silky canvas for your face make-up with a mattifying and smoothing primer that optically reduces pore size and conceals fine lines, making foundation application flawless. (1) Avon Magix does all these things, it isn’t oily and can last up to 10 hours.
3 No SPF foundation: it’s a night party, avoid foundations with UV rays protection because they reflect light and, in case of pictures, they will make you appear whiter and ghostly.
Set the face make-up with a light texture face compact or powder like (2) essence #01 be classy & fabulous from the All that Greys limited trend edition for a porcelain doll effect.
4 That eyeliner flick is a classic: a classic thin winged eyeliner is the go-to look, if you don’t want to play too much with eyeshadows. I recommend the new Maybelline Master Ink eyeliner in Satin because its applicator is easy to use and, despite it’s a felt tip, it’s really precise.
Plus, eyeliners are your best friend in case of…
5 Diva’s lashes: if you want to wear falsies, you need to cover your natural lash line with a black line, so that no one will see a gap between your lash line and your false lashes.
These are to die for, they’re (3) Vixen by MUA and they elongate any eye shape (here in action). Remember to curl your lashes before applying falsies, then when they’re well sticked in place, blend false and natural lashes together with a mascara like (4) Maybelline The Colossal Go Extreme, a pitch black mascara without clumps that reaches every lashes.

6 Add a highlight: highlighting is important as it makes portions of your features in evidence.
A metallic delicate pink like (5) Avon Always on point eyeliner in Molten Rose from the winter collection Molten Metals is particular enough for New Year’s Eve to illuminate the inner corners of the eyes and glides easily.
I’ve tested it during a monthly representative reunion, so you can trust me!
7 Kiss without problem: use a no transfer lip colour. Lip tint, lip stain, lip stick, whatever, you can find million of possibilities around the beauty world.
Just remember to test it before the event to be extra sure! (7) Kiko double touch lipstick in 111 Rosso Fuoco is a long-lasting lip stick in cream version with a double ended tube that contains lip colour and lip gloss to moisture lips. Red is a must and pairs nicely with navy.
8 Care your hair: soft waves are great and classic but you also need something to take care of your them and made your hair looks healthy and naturally glowy, right? I’m using (8) Avon Advance Techniques 360° nourishment Moroccan argan oil leave-in-treatment. I always apply it on wet hair after shampooing and on dry hair during the following days. My hair looks shiny and healthy, my reddish colour becomes more vivid, and my curls feel so soft and smooth. It isn’t oily on your hair!
9 Accessories? Yes, please: one tends to add extra blings on NYE, let’s try to concentrate our focus on one accessory at a time. Add an elegant jewel like these (9) Promod circular earrings with a tiny baby blue stone, then go with a cascade of paillettes with a super decorated pochette.
(10) Pochette is another must as well as paillettes, this is why I’ve combined them for a statement accessory.
10 Easy manicure: for NYE you can go wild with nail polish and nail art, but if you have zero time for this extra work you can pair your nails with the dress and main accessory colour. For this New Year’s Eve manicure based on a navy dress I’ve picked Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Cosmic Blue, a bright medium blue with metallic finish.
If you’re wondering, this dress is available at Dressesofgirl and it’s an empire-styled dress that exalts your bust without being vulgar.
Ready ,set, go... and have fun! You’re also ready to kiss whom you want too!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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