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Montagne Jeunesse (now 7th Heaven) - Self Heating Hot Vanilla Fudge Sauna masque, review

I’ve never tried or experienced anything so delicious and pleasant...
I’m referring to the Montagne Jeunesse, now 7th Heaven, Self-heating Hot Vanilla Fudge Sauna masque.
This is a face mask/treatment ready to use, contained in a colourful and fun baggie, it’s also a cruelty-free and vegan product. The label says this is a “self heating Vanilla fudge sauna (that) opens and cleanses pores", the brand adds “with reach Mediterranean clay, cleansing has never been so enjoyable... our hot vanilla fudge sauna isn’t for eating, instead it gently warms open pores drawing out dirt and grime”.
Is it true? First of all, what’s inside? This Montagne Jeunesse mask has a very short and basic inci: propylene glicol, zeolite (a volcanic ash), kaolin (a natural clay) glycerin with botanical origin, illite or Mediterranean clay, cetyl hydroxyethylcellulose, parfum and vanilla planiflora fruit extract.
Vanilla planiflora extract: try to imagine the scent and you’ll just come close to it.
In fact, this anti-impurities face masque as a truly mouthwatering toffee pudding aroma with a hint of vanilla in it!
The mode of use is extremely simple, as usual with this kind of cleansing product: just refresh your already cleansed face and neck with water and apply your masque; wait 10-15 minutes and rinse off with warm water.
The Montagne Jeunesse Hot Vanilla Fudge Sauna masque has a beige or light brown colour that can vary slightly overtime and has a muddy and sticky consistency, which may make the application with your fingers quite messy.
Despite this note of little or zero importance, this self-heating mask works wonderfully and produces a feeling that relaxes your nerves.
The first time I used it I dozed off because the warm sensation was really nice, I admit it.
Each mask bag contains 15 grams of product which can be dosed so that one can obtain at least two complete applications for the full face.
It leaves the skin deeply clean and very smooth. Montagne Jeunesse suggests to use this Hot Vanilla masque once a week.

effective (it actually opens the pores)
amazing and natural scent,
pleasant feeling,
it can be rationed for multiple applications,
it leaves the skin soft and clean

it’s hard to find if you live in Italy

The price is so low, it’s ridiculous, but varies depending on the store and country.
If you’re coming to Italy, you have to know that Montagne Jeunesse products can be purchased at OVS and some supermarket chains. Buying in or from other countries is something easier: there’s the 7th Heaven site, while these products are generally well distribuited in North American and UK drugstores. There’s also the opportunity to find these face masks on Amazon, ebay or other e-beauty stores.
I always have troubles in finding Montagne Jeunesse masks and this is a huge pity.
I bought this self-heating Vanilla Fudge Sauna masque in Naples, at an OVS counter for 1.99€
The 7th Heaven, former Montagne Jeunesse, Fudge Sauna isn’t always available, so you need some patient to get your hand over it! A good substitute is the Hot Chocolate Sauna Masque... doesn’t it sound extra tasty?
Problematic skin? The review of the Montagne Jeunesse Green Tea peel off masque, a detox face mask with ginger and green tea, might help you.
Anyway, I loved Hot Vanilla...

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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