Monday, 26 October 2015

6 Halloween themed manicures

Halloween is really near, can you feel its devilish presence? If you like this celebration and you dress everything up, let me show you my selection of 6 Halloween themed manicures. 
Halloween manicures can be creepy, bloodcurdling or simply funny with all those orange stuff and pumpkins here and there. These 6 nail arts aren’t too difficult nor too extreme, let’s go!

Easy level: ghosts! Over a white base, topped with a glow in the dark polish if desired as the one shown in the picture, the China Glaze Ghoulish Glow, paint two dots with a dotting tool and a mouth. These details shouldn’t be really precise. 
Tiny eyes in the dark: over a black manicure, paint pairs of dots in white or yellow for the eyes and add the eyeballs in black all with dotting tools or anything you can with a rounded point. 

Still easy: splatter nails! Red splatter is the best Halloween nail art ever
It’s easy to recreate but a bit messy. Paint your nail entirely with a nude nail polish or leave it all natural with just one coat of clear base coat to protect your nails from possible stains. 
Apply a few drops of your red nail polish on to a surface, dip a straw in your nail polish and blow it over your nails. Remove extra splashes around your nails with nail polish remover and q-tips. 

Medium level: Nailasaurus’ Halloween patchwork. Patchwork and stitches immediately remind of Frankenstein, don’t they? Her nails have been painted with different blocks of colours, then each block has been outlined in black. 
I suggest a nail art pen because it’s easy to use. Seal your work with clear top coat.  Chalkboardnails’s midnight smoke looks difficult at a first sight, but with her tutorial one sees how easy it can become. 
It’s a black manicure protected with a top coat, a green application of nail polish removed with acetone to create a smokey and mysterious effect. 
Hard level: Piggieluv knows how to rock free-handed painting
This creature has eyes painted with glow in the dark nail polishes, while the “wooden door” panels have been ricreated by painting the nails with decise strokes by using an almost dry brush previously dipped into nail polish. 
Are you planning to dress to impress this Halloween? 
If you like quirky things, you can try my crazy pumpkins manicure

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


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    1. Hi Adam, thank you for your comment!
      I wish you a fun, safe and filled with goodies Halloween!!! ;-)

  2. Capolavori mia cara,le adoro!!!
    Ho scoperto ora il tuo blog,se ti va possiamo seguirci reciprocamente mi farebbe piacere.
    Da ora ti seguirò con piacere...ti aspetto da me.

    1. Grazie Ale,
      é un piacere conoscerti!
      Bacioni e grazie per la visita

  3. E io perchè non seguivo questo blog???? ti ho scoperto poco fa per caso, complimenti, adoro i tuoi post!!! mi sono iscritta con immenso piacere, ti seguo volentieri!!! se ti va passa da me, sarei felice di averti tra le mie lettrici!!! un bacio grande, Lory.

    1. Grazie Lory!!!
      Mi hai fatto uscire un gran bel sorrisone oggi, sono felice di fare la tua conoscenza :) Ti ringrazio tantissimo!!!
      Sei sempre la benvenuta qui.

  4. Woww....these are really fantastic hair colors.Love them,so inspiration.
    Have a amazing week ahead dear.
    Kisses xox


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