Thursday, 13 August 2015

Lush - Squeaky green shampoo bar, review

Squeaky clean hair with Squeaky green? I hoped so, but what’s this funny named product?
Squeaky green is a shampoo bar created by Lush for oily hair and stressed out scalps.
According to super scented Lush’s plans this green pal acts in three ways at a time: it purifies scalps, even those with dandruff, thanks to tea tree oil, rosemary, nettle and peppermint; it cleanses hair and calms itching and irritation thanks to rose, (blue) chamomile essential oil and vanilla super powers.
Squeaky green has the typical “cut grass” scent and contains tiny bits of herbs and rosemary but these pieces aren’t annoying or disgusting like those dried jasmine found inside Godiva shampoo bar (read about it).

The truth? It has a wonderful and refreshing aroma, no shampoo has been able to leave such a pleasant and lasting fragrance in all my life so far… but there’s always a “but”!
It doesn’t purify hair from sebum, at least not at the first wash as promised, and it definitely dries out my hair, so much that just a disproportionate amount of conditioner and a rehydrating mask helped me, until I decided to treat my hair. That’s another story and another post.

it’s compact; it’s eco-friendly;
it’s vegan;
it isn’t tested on animals;
it lasts longer than a regular shampoo;
it has a fresh scent

it doesn’t cleanse my hair from excess sebum;
it dries hair from roots to the ends

Squeaky green costs 11,95$ (I paid 8.95€) and can be found online (here you can easily find and select your local site) and at the Lush shops.
Loads of good notes but it concretely doesn’t work. I still love its fresh scent but I can’t recommend it.
If you have oily hair and your scalp needs extra attention, I suggest Jumping Juniper.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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